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Circle of Serpent[edit]

Those under the circle of the serpent are adaptable. Useful in almost all situations, but subtle enough to not be the spotlight. They prove as a good ally and formidable enemy. Having one on your side can be life changing, but having one against you could be detrimental, choose wisely.

Slippery target

Beginning at 2nd level, you can add your proficiency bonus to checks or saves against grapples. Additionally, you can choose to use your Wisdom Mod for your AC instead of Dexterity. These benefits can be applied while wild shaped into snakes as well. Once per day you can befriend a snake creature with a small or smaller size for 1d4 hours. It acts according to the ranger beast master sub classes rules. At 8th level the size increases to medium and dice to 1d6. At 14th, Large, 1d6. Level 20. huge 1d4, smaller 1d8.

Serpent Slyness

Beginning at 6th level, you roll deception with double proficiency. Additionally you can wild shape into snakes as a bonus action, and into snakes with a CR rating as high as your druid level divided by 3 (rounded up). While wild shaped into snakes, you can add your wisdom mod to your attack rolls, damage rolls, poison damage, and poison DCs. Furthermore you gain darkvision, and can cast charm person once a day.


beginning at 10th level, you gain the constrict action. (proficiency bonus+Wis mod to hit / 2d6 +Wis mod bludgeoning damage / 5 feet range/ Your spell DC or grappled.) If your snake form has this action, you may replace its effects with you own. Additionally, while in snake form you may make the restrain action. (Grapple check again, if you win the creature is restrained until you end the grapple or are knocked unconscience)

Cold Blooded

Beginning at 14th level, your speed increases by 20 feet in direct sunlight. When Grappled or restrained, you can make a bite attack that is 1d8+ Wis and your spell DC or 2d4 poison damage, and poisoned for 1 turn. This attack is rolled with advantage if you are wild shaped into a snake. You can speak with snakes at will, and they are friendly to you and your group as long as you don't engage in any hostile actions towards them. They will try to assist you and your group to the best of their ability.

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