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Tree Dwarf Subrace[edit]

In forested lowlands without mountains or hills, dwarves move up into the trees, and use their exquisite crafting skills on wood rather than metal and stone. Tree dwarves build elaborate wooden palaces extending from one tree to another to another, sometimes extending for miles, high above the forest floor.

They are protected from flying creatures by the canopy of the trees which they call 'the roof above', and they are protected from ground striding monsters by the great height of their constructions. Sometimes tree dwarves seed the forest floor near their wooden palaces with rot grubs and other burrowing monstrosities in order to keep them safe from climbing monsters.
Tree dwarves are a bit smaller than common dwarves. Tree dwarves range from tan to brown to grey depending on the predominant color of the bark in their forests. Their hair and beard becomes long and matted and looks much like tree bark or tangled roots.
Tree dwarves speak common, dwarvish, and the language of dwarven wood carving.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Douse Fire. a tree dwarf can douse a fire, even a building sized fire within 100 yards in the period of 1 minute. During the first round the fire is retarded and no longer spreads, after that it burns out.
Dwarven Wood Carving Language. tree dwarves make intricately carved figurines, objects, tools, hilts, house frames etc with carving so intricate that it is considered an actual language. Dwarven wood carving is so expressive, that spells that would normally be in spell books can be carved into objects. The objects will glow faintly magical with the use of detection magic. Often an entire tree dwarf palace is carved and can be read as a book, with a tree dwarven community being an entire library.
Exquisite Balance. Acrobatics rolls related to balancing are rolled with advantage.
Exquisite Fall. when a tree dwarf falls from a high place onto a surface other than stone or metal, they take one point of damage per 10' rather than on die of damage. They also bounce when they hit the ground. Unlike other dwarves, tree dwarves do not mind being tossed.
Lost Touch. After years away from the stones of the mountains, Tree Dwarves have lost their Stonecutting racial trait.

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