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Soul of the World[edit]

The Soul of the World infusion is ancient, sacred, and hard to learn. Unlike most infusions, it can take up to a decade and a half to fully learn it. However, the results are very much worth it. Warlocks who perform this infusion often sacrifice a measure of their personality, becoming more stubborn, more apathetic, and in certain cases even speaking slower, as if they have forgotten what it is to be mortal.

Expanded spell list

Starting at first level, you can choose your spells and cantrips from the druid spell list.

Earthen form

In addition, at first level the earth recognizes your devotion to it. You gain an unarmored defense of 10+your dexterity modifier+your charisma modifier.

Connection with nature

At 6th level, you can cast the meld into stone and speak with plants spells once per day without expending a spell slot.

Elemental form

Additionally at 6th level, you become associated with one of the four elements. You gain one of the following features:

Fire:You gain resistance to fire damage and no longer feel uncomfortable in areas as hot as deserts, however, cold bites harder, and you gain vulnerability to it.

Earth:You are now resistant to piercing, slashing, and bludgeoning damage from non magical weapons, but as a trade, your movement speed decreases by ten feet.

Water: You gain the ability to breathe underwater, but gain vulnerability to poison.

Air: You are permanently under the effects of the feather fall spell. Each of your current or future hit dice is reduced by one size.

Sustenance of the world

At 14th level you no longer need to eat or drink as your home plane sustains you fully in recognition of your devotion. You still require sustenance while you are on a different plane.

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