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Verstile Archer[edit]


This Subclass is to be used with the ranger variant class. Found here: (,_2nd_Variant_(5e_Class)#SPELLCASTING_ABILITY)

Spellcasting: DOES NOT Continue
This class focuses on its weapon prowess not spell abilities.

Favored Enemy
As Ranger Favored Enemy ability

Natural Explorer
As Ranger Natural Explorer ability

Weapon of Choice
Select one Ranged weapon of your choice that you are proficient with, whenever you use that weapon to attack, add +2 to the "to-hit" roll. You also add half your proficiency bonus to your initiative roll when you have your bow. These bonuses apply to weapons of the same design (i.e. if you use this bonus on a longbow and switch to a +2 longbow these bonuses still apply, but it does not apply when you change from a longbow to a short bow).
You do not gain a Fighting Style at 2nd level, instead you immediately gain;

Weapon Prowess
After you've chosen your weapon of choice, you adopt a particular style of ranged combat as your specialty. Choose two of the following options, one at level 1 and another at level 5. You can't reselect your options, so choose what you think is best for your character or campaign.

  • Aiming

When attacking with a ranged weapon, Take up to your Wisdom Modifier in the number of rounds for you to Aim, at the end of which you gain a +1 bonus per round taken on rolls to hit a target with ranged attacks until it moves.

  • Called Shot

When you successively hit an enemy twice or more with your ranged weapon, add (your proficiency bonus - 1) to the damage roll. When you reach level 10, you are only required to hit an enemy once before this bonus takes affect. The bonus resets when you fail to hit them the next time.

  • Close Range

When attacking with a ranged weapon, add (your proficiency bonus × 5) to the minimum range of the weapon. As a reaction make a Dexterity saving throw when attempting to flee an enemy in melee combat, if your save exceeds their "to-hit" roll, you provoke no opportunity attack.

  • Guardian Angel

At the start of combat, designate an ally. Whenever this ally is targeted by an enemy's ranged attack, as a reaction make an attack roll on the enemy at -5. If the attack hits, roll your damage and the enemy has disadvantage on all attack rolls against your ally until the start of their next turn. You can change your target ally once per round by spending your move action to re-focus.

  • Multi-Shot

You can attack twice with your ranged weapon when you take an attack action instead of once. When you reach 11th you may attack 3 times per attack action, and four when you reach the 20th. Each attack imposes an additional -2 to your attack roll.

  • Quick Draw

When selecting a ranged weapon as your weapon in a combat, add your proficiency bonus to your initiative roll. Remove this bonus when you switch to a different weapon or put your original weapon away.

When you reach 4th level, you gain Shot Points, these are points that can be used to activate certain moves that you can perform while using your weapon of choice. The maximum amount of points you have increases with your level (1 + Wisdom Modifer + Proficiency Bonus), you regain shot points after a short rest. You can choose 2 Shot Point features at 4th level, and add another Shot Feature when you are 6th, 8th, 10th, 14th, 18th, and 20th

Field Repairs

(1 Shot Point)
1 Action
You can attempt to fix a broken non-magical ranged weapon in combat and out adventuring. This ability can only be used if you have either Woodcarvers or Tinker's Tools and take a short rest while making repairs. Roll a d20 including any proficiency if you are proficient with the artisan's tools used to repair the weapon, a 10 repairs a simple weapon and a 15 repairs a martial one. Realize that this does not efficiently fix the weapon, just enough to use it until you reach civilization again to complete repairs, until then, the weapon is more prone to break again and has a -1 penalty to hit and Damage.


(4 shot points)
You spend your reaction to travel 1/2 your move rate.

Stylish Evasion

(1 shot point)
You can perform an impressive acrobatic move to harmlessly leap away from an opponent's melee attack or ranged attack. You can expend 1 shot point and roll a Dexterity (Acrobatics) check (DC the attack roll value). If successful against the attack, you may move up to 15 feet away, avoid the damage, and do not provoke an attack of opportunity and negate any melee multi-attacks from that target until it comes into range again on it's next turn. If you fail you do provoke attacks of opportunity and move 5 feet.

Bolt Shot

Requires level 11
(3 shot points)
When you strike an enemy with this, they take an extra 2d6 lightning damage and make a Constitution Save (DC = 10 + Your Proficiency Bonus + Your Wisdom Modifier) or are stunned for 1d4 round. On a Critical hit, the damage is doubled and the target and any who touch it while it is stunned take an additional 1d6 lightning damage every round.

Burst Shot

(3 shot points)
Bonus Action to ready; 1 attack to fire
You charge a single round of ammunition. If this ammunition strikes the target, that target takes normal damage from the shot AND the shot explodes making the target and all creatures within 15ft subject to 4d6 fire or force damage (your choice). Dexterity Save for 1/2. The target and those in the area that Failed must make a DC 15 Strength saving throw or fall prone ( Creatures 1 category or more Larger are immune to being knocked prone by the shot).

Conjure Barrage

(4 Shot points)
as per spell
You may use this ability nor more than 3 times per day, and all ammunition fired is destroyed

Conjure Volley

Requires Level 18
(8 shot points)
as spell
You may use this ability nor more than 1 per day, and all ammunition fired is destroyed

Cordon Defense

(8 Shot Points)
You take 20 minutes to plant nonmagical arrows – up to 1/2 level + Wisdom Modifier - on the ground within a 10x10 area. For the next 8 hours (or when the ammunition has been expended) whenever a creature other than you or any creatures you've designated at the time of creation comes within 30 feet (Passive Perception 14) of the ammunition for the first time on a turn or ends its turn there, one piece of ammunition flies up to strike it. The creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d6 damage.

Damaging Shot

(2 Shot Point)
1 attack
One single shot's attack steps in its damage. d6 becomes d8, d8 becomes d10, d10 becomes 2d6.

Delivery Dose

(1 shot Points)
Bonus Action to ready; 1 attack to deliver
You take one of your Poultice or a Potion and use special munition you keep on hand now, to deliver such. On a successful attack (with advantage if an ally - even if prone) the shot delivers and instantly activates the Potion/poultice. By spending 1 hour you can craft poultice arrows by attaching a potion in your inventory to an arrow.

Disarming shot

(2 shot Points)
Bonus Action to ready; 1 attack to deliver
You take aim at weapon in the target's grasp. On a successful attack the shot Deals its damage and the creature makes a constitution check against your Spell DC. If they fail, they drop the weapon, and they have disadvantage on their next attack

Disruptive shot

(2 shot Points)
Bonus Action to ready; 1 attack to deliver
Your arrow screeches at its target and explodes sending pepper and nettles into the the creatures sinuses. On a successful attack the shot Deals its damage and the creature makes a constitution check against your Spell DC. If they fail, they lose concentration. If they have War Mage they save at advantage.

Double Take

(4 shot Points)
Free Action
When you miss an attack with a ranged weapon, you may spend the shot points and try again at disadvantage.

Hamstring Shot

(3 shot Points)
1 attack
Upon a successful hit, the creature takes d6 additional damage and its movement is reduced by 10ft (if bipedial), 5ft if (quadrapedial), 0 if neither apply. The Creature must spend an action to remove the shot, and heal at least 1 point to regain it movement. You may stack the ability, up the number of legs the creature has. (20 max movement loss).


Requires level 11
(4 shot points)
Attack Action
You fire a shot that strikes the creatures vitals, upon a successful hit the creature makes a Death Save. Per Death Save rules, if it does not heal or stablize prior to failing 3 saves, it become unconscious or dies (depending upon your intent).
(if it rolls a 1 it loses 2 saves, and on a 20 it stabilizes naturally)

Intercepting Shot

(2+ shot points)
As a reaction you may fire an arrow at an incoming ranged attack targeted at you or passing within 10 feet of you. Roll your to hit against the attacker launching the attack - or against the DC. Then Roll your shot's damage die (Add 1d6 for each additional shot point spent)
Weapon Damage + (addt'l Shot Point Damage) + Dexterity Modifier + Proficiency(if applicable) - the damage exceeds the damage being dealt by the incoming attack the attack fails and the your shot continues on and hits the target doing the remaining damage.

Pinning Shot

(3 shot points)
1 attack
You fire and attempt to pin a target (Grapple). You cannot pin a creature you could not grapple. The pinned creatures DC to break grapple drops by 2 each round they struggle to break the grapple

Piercing Shot

Requires level 11
(5 shot points)
You fire an shot that ignores non magical armor.

Rapid Fire

Requires level 15
(1 shot point per attack roll)
Attack Action
You can push yourself to shoot many times at once. You can expend 1 shot point to make and addition single attack against one enemy. You may use this ability once per day, and all ammunition fired is destroyed

Shot on the Run

(3 shot points)
When taking a full dash an move action you may use your reaction to fire a single attack. The attack is at -5.

Swift Quiver

(5 shot points)
As per the spell

Wounding Shot

(1 shot points)
1 Attack
You fire an arrow to wound the target, the creature takes 1/2 damage from the shot, and then takes an additional 1d6 necrotic damage for every shot point spent, at the start of each of your rounds (this does not stack with Hunter's Mark, but does with HEX and other Wounding Shots).

Nock Nock
At 11th level you gain the ability to nock two arrows at once as a single attack for 6 shot points. These two arrows are considered a single attack and the damage is rolled together. Proficiency bonus, ability modifiers and any other damage is applied for each arrow separately. At 20th level the number of arrows you are able to shoot at once increases to 3. This ability requires a long rest after use.

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