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A Rogue Thrower is an expert in a thrown weapon of their choosing. They have impeccable aim with their chosen weapon, be it dagger, hand axe, or even a mundane playing card.

Throwing Specialization

At 3rd level when you take this class pick one weapon with the thrown property. The class features here apply only to that weapon as you have made it your goal to specialize in one weapon of the throwing type.

Flick of the Wrist

Starting at 3rd level your normal and long ranges for your specialized weapon are each increased by 20 feet, and you gain +1 to damage rolls when attacking a target within 20 feet of you. Making ranged attacks against a target within 5 feet of you does not impose disadvantage.

Up Your Sleeves

At 3rd level you attack with advantage against any creature you have not already attacked.

Agile Point

At 9th level, when you use your cunning action you can make an attack with a throwing weapon as part of that action.

Speed Demon

Starting at the 9th level, you can draw your chosen thrown weapon for free as part of your attack with it.

Deadly Throws

Starting at 13th level, the base damage of your favored weapon increases two die steps, referring to the Monk martial arts die progression (e.g. If you specialize in daggers, than you would do 1d8 damage instead of 1d4). Additionally, you gain an extra attack, but only with throwing weapons.

Quick throwing

Starting at 17th level, every time you make an Attack action with your favored weapon, you may make extra attacks against any number targets within 10 ft of the original target using your favored weapon.

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