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You were born with, or gained, the ability to manipulate time, and to show your mastery over it, granting yourself the title of a Chronomancer.

Creating a Chronomancer

Quick Build

You can make a Chronomancer quickly by following these suggestions. First, Wisdom should be your highest ability score. Second, choose the Sage background. Third, choose the Dungeoneer's kit.

Class Features

As a Chronomancer, you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d6 per Chronomancer, level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 6 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d6 (or 4) + Constitution modifier per Chronomancer, level after 1st


Armor: Light
Weapons: Simple weapons, daggers, quarterstaffs, light crossbows
Tools: Any one artisan tool
Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills: choose any 3 from Acrobatics, Arcana, Insight, Investigation, History, and Medicine.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

Table: The Chronomancer,

Level Proficiency
Features Fate Points Cantrips Known —Spell Slots per Spell Level—
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st +2 Suspending the Aether, Spellcasting 1 2 2
2nd +2 Chronal shift, Temporal Awareness 2 2 3
3rd +2 Timely Path 3 2 4 2
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 3 2 4 3
5th +3 5 2 4 3 2
6th +3 Momentary Stasis, Timely Path 5 2 4 3 3
7th +3 6 2 4 3 3 1
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 6 3 4 3 3 2
9th +4 8 3 4 3 3 3 1
10th +4 Timely Path, Arcane Abeyance 9 3 4 3 3 3 2
11th +4 9 3 4 3 3 3 2 1
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 12 3 4 3 3 3 2 1
13th +5 12 3 4 3 3 3 2 1 1
14th +5 Convergent Future, Wheel of Time 15 3 4 3 3 3 2 1 1
15th +5 15 3 4 3 3 3 2 1 1 1
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 18 4 4 3 3 3 2 1 1 1
17th +6 18 4 4 3 3 3 2 1 1 1 1
18th +6 Timely Path, Supreme Chronomancy 20 4 4 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 25 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 1 1 1
20th +6 Undo Timeline 30 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 1

Suspending the Aether

Starting at 1st level, You have fate points equal to the fate point chart listed above. You regain expended fate points upon finishing a long rest. when a creature within 20 feet of you, that you can see is casting a spell, you may spend a fate point as a free action and suspend that one spell for one round of combat. You may not use this feature more than once on a single creature. In addition, any spells cast by you can be suspended. A suspended spell doesn´t take effect until it is no longer in such state, and an antimagic field touching the area of the origin of such will still have it´s effects on it. a suspended spell will take it´s effect from where it was casted, no matter the caster´s position or current state.

At 16th level, you are able to prolong the effect of this feature by performing an arcana check with a DC of 10 + (the spell level multiplied per three); For example, an enemy wizard casting a time stop spell, which is a level 9 spell, would require you to succeed on a DC 37(10+27(which is 9x3) arcana check. On a successful check, the effects of this feature last for 1d4+your proficiency modifier; suspending them in this way requires your concentration.

Chronal Shift

At 2nd level , you may spend one fate point so you can magically exert limited control over the flow of time around a creature. As a reaction, after you or a creature you can see within 30 feet of you makes an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, you can force the creature to reroll. You make this decision after you see whether the roll succeeds or fails. The target must use the result of the second roll

Temporal Awareness

Starting at 2nd level , you can add your Wisdom modifier to your initiative rolls.

Timely Path

Starting at 3rd level, you must choose a Timely Path. The options are either Enforcer of Time, Guardian of the Timeless Gaze and Time Lord; this choice grants you benefits when you choose them, and again at levels 6, 10 and 18.

Ability Score Increase

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. You cannot increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Momentary Stasis

When you reach 6th level, as an action, you may spend three fate point to magically force a Large or smaller creature you can see within 60 feet of you to make a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC. Unless the saving throw is a success, the creature is encased in a field of magical energy until the end of your next turn or until the creature takes any damage. While encased in this way, the creature is incapacitated and has a speed of 0.

Wheel of Time

At 14th level your studies allow you to spin the wheel of time and alter the fate of yourself and other creatures. You know how to bend time to do the following: Accelerate, Decelerate and Surge. Your access to this bend in time is represented by fate dice; when reaching this level, you may roll a 1d4; on a 1, you may use Accelerate on a 2, you may use Decelerate on a 3, you may use Surge on a 4, you may use one of the previous options, selected by you.

You reroll this fate dice each short rest


As a bonus action, you may expend 1 fate point to move forward the wheel of time. Either yourself or a targeted friendly creature within 20 feet of is now allowed to use one additional action.


As a reaction, you may expend 2 fate points to slow down the wheel of time. When you take damage from an attack, you are able to delay the damage dealt for 1 turn. As soon as your next turn begins, you take damage equal to the damage of the previous attack.


As an action, you can expend 1 to a maximum of 4 fate points to repel the fates of certain allies. Up to two target friendly creatures takes 1d10 per fate point less damage until the start of your next turn. Spending more than 1 point increases the duration, for example, 2 points would be until the start of your second turn, 3 would be until the start of your third turn, and 4th would be the start of your 4th turn.

Arcane Abeyance

At 10th level, when you cast a spell using a spell slot of 4th level or lower, you can condense the spell's magic into a mote. The spell is frozen in time at the moment of casting and held within a gray bead for 1 hour. This bead is a Tiny object with AC 15 and 1 hit point, and it is immune to poison and psychic damage. When the duration ends, or if the bead is destroyed, it vanishes in a flash of light, and the spell is lost.

A creature holding the bead can use its action to release the spell within, whereupon the bead disappears. The spell uses your spell attack bonus and save DC, and the spell treats the creature who released it as the caster for all other purposes.

Once you create a bead with this feature, you can't do so again until you finish a short or long rest.

Convergent Future

Starting at 14th level, you can spend two fate points so you peer through possible futures and magically pull one of them into events around you, ensuring a particular outcome. When you or a creature you can see within 60 feet of you makes an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, you can use your reaction to ignore the die roll and decide whether the number rolled is the minimum needed to succeed or one less than that number (your choice).

When you use this feature, you gain one level of exhaustion. Only by finishing a long rest can you remove a level of exhaustion gained in this way.

Supreme Chronomancy

Once reaching level 18, you gain supreme domain upon the delicate time flow over reality. spending ten fate points you are able to cast the "time stop" spell as a free action without expending spell slots, following it´s other rules. Additionally, you may spend three fate points as a bonus action while in the effect´s of this spell, to obtain one of the following benefits: Time dilatation. you extend the effects of the "time stop" spell for other 1d4 rounds. Time buble. you choose a point that you can see, in there, spawns a 30ft magical sphere where time is unaffected by the "stop time" spell. Time inclusion. A creature that you can see is now under the same rules as you, as if he has casted the time stop spell.

Undo Timeline

Once reaching level 20, you may spend thirty fate points to make a time-change; you may rewind time, and only you and 10 other creatures may remember it(your choice), as well as someone who sees you casting this feature, who can make a wisdom saving throw so he doesn't forget a thing at all. All experience and items gained within that time are lost. You can only use this feature once every year, and after doing so, you immediately age a quantity of time equal to the amount of time rewinded using this ability x 100, and you need to stay alive at least for one minute when the rewind is done, otherwise, the rewind is impossible, since it needs two points sustainable of space time to be done, therefore, you must not die of old age by this mean, or any other. For example, if everyone was about to die to a Tarrasque the chronomancer can revert back in time to an hour before they encountered the Tarrasque to inform the party of everyone's unfortunate demise, or maybe return with it´s allies, in either case, the chronomancer is aging 100 hours, or 4 days. This is extremely big story changer, you must inform and collaborate with your Dungeon Master.

Enforcers of Time

Your thoughts about how time magic should be used and how others should use it turns you into the law of time itself of how others use time magic.

Cunning action

When you first choose this timely path, your quick thinking, agility and time comphrehension allows you to move and act faster than others quickly, you can take a bonus action on each of your turns in combat. This action can be used to only take the dash, disengage, or hide action.

Blink of an eye

At 5th level, when you move you may take a step out of time, then come back into the present. Once per turn you may teleport into an unoccupied space that you can see, by spending movement equal to the distance traveled. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Timeless ammunition

At 10th level, you may suspend your ammunition in time as a free action (after you shoot it, using the accelarated nature of the aether around), so they stay in the air. In this way, they are motionless, and creatures attemting to move it or push it need to succeed a Strength check against your spellcasting DC; they may move it away 5 feet per number that excceed your DC (example: you have a spellcasting DC of 17, and someone score barely a 17; that is able to push it 5 feet in a direction. If said creature succeed with a 19, that means that said creature is able to push the ammunition 15 feet) Such action requires your concentration, regardless of which, when or how many of your ammunition are suspended. When you lost your concentration, or when you desire so, the ammunition return to its motion, in the direction the point of the ammunition is going.

Temporal Paradox

At 18th level, as a bonus action, you may spend 3 fate points to fuse the aether and the fabric of time together, wrapping it into a condensed paradoxic-sphere, that may be infused into one of your ammunitions, or as a fragile, very ligth, improvised weapon which deals no damage; launching it would make it detonate, and any creature within 30 feet of where it lands must either succeed a Wisdom saving throw and have their speed halved until the end of your next turn or become stunned for 1d4 rounds. If the paradoxic sphere is not used in the next 20 seconds upon it´s creation, it may detonate at any random moment and no longer triggers upon lauching it, potentially affecting it´s creator or it´s allies; when is detonated is decided by the DM or by rolling dices; a 1d100 quantity of time, which it is decided on a 1d10(a 1 is seconds, 2 is minutes, 3 and 4 means hours, 5,6 and 7 are days, 8 are weeks, 9 means years, and 10 are centuries)

Guardian of the Timeless Gaze

You become a knight of the timeless gaze, gaining abilities to shield your allies and yourself with time itself, making you a melee specialist.

Knight's Timeless Armor

Starting when you choose this Timely path at level 3, you have proficiencies with all armors and shields, as well as three weapons of your choice, per your training is rewarded.

Echo Attack

At level 5, you are able to create an echo in time of yourself; it looks like you and its on your same space, but is translucid and ethereal. if you spend two fate points on an attack or spell you make against a creature it´s seen as two paralelal attacks; only one is real, and you decide which; roll one time per echo generated, and you decide which roll to use, if said roll is from an echo, you vanish, seemingly becoming ethereal and trasnlucid, and you take the position of your ehco self, swithching one with another, before your echo self vanish into thin air. At level 10, you may create a second echo, spendig four fate points(two per echo-self) and rolling 3d20; one per each attack, but only one of them deals it´s damage or effects At level 18, you may create a third echo-self, spending six fate points .

Time pocket

At 10th level, you have managed to create a pocket dimension outside of time that you can rely on in times of need. On your turn, you can use a bonus action to spend two fate points to enter into the such healing and timeless space, spending a hit die to heal your self + Wisdom modifier + your Chronomancer level.

alternatively, you may send a touched ally to such space, in which he may spend a hit die to heal, regaining aditional hit points equal to your + Wisdom modifier

You must end a short or long rest before using this feature again.

Warrior of the astral plane

At 18th level, spending 4 fate points and taking a round to focus, you can stop the flow of time temporarily for all selected targets within a 30 foot radius centering you. They must make a Constitution save, and upon failing are stopped in time, per the effects of the "time stop" spell, until the beginning of your next turn or until they receive damage; In this way, targets lose AC benefits from shields and dexterity, and attack rolls have advantage, or if the situation is apropiate(a target without armor or any magical defense, for example) attacks hit automatically.

Time Lord

You decide to take a different spin on your Time magic and become the literal master of time. There aren't many time lords but the few are masters of controlling, exploiting, and having fun with time itself.

Time Slip

Starting at level 3, You skip time spending 2 fate points, as a reaction to being attacked or targeted, and make a contested check against your enemies (Wisdom vs. Dexterity). If you succeed you wink out of time for 1d4 rounds. You are not hit by the attack, and do not exist for the that time. At the end of the last round you reappear where you winked from. At 10th level, you may use this feature with an ally you touch as a part of the same reaction, using your (Wisdom and winking out of existance that ally, or you can use it with a melee attack, in which case the target must make a Wisdom saving throw against your spellcasting DC if your attack succeded

Empowered Spells

At 5th level, your control over the aspects of time itself has made your spells more efficient, since you can better control it´s possible outcomes;you may reroll any spell effets that require a dice to be rolled; not including the attack roll or any ability check required for it. You may reroll the healing effects, the damage, or effects such as the "sleep spell" and use either roll.

Time Lapse

At 10th level, you may choose a particular roll(Attack roll, Ability check or Saving throw) that have been made in a time within the last 2 rounds. You may spend three fate points to reroll it; and must use the new result. If the new roll states taht the attack fails, the damage is neglected, as it never happened, and the target of said attack recover it´s hit points. If the new attack roll states that the attack deals damage, then the damage is received on that moment. it only functions changing the direct effect of the roll, and does not for example, change a course of actions of a character, or make certain character revive.

When you use this feature, you gain one level of exhaustion. Only by finishing a long rest can you remove a level of exhaustion gained in this way.

Time Wrath

At 18th level, Your mastery over the aether makes you the undisputed controller of time! Whenever someone affects the time with a feature or a spell, you are aware of it, and if it´s in the same plane as you, you know the exact position of the time anomally and of the time influencer for a week. Aditionnally, if you see a creature trying to alterate time with a spell, as a reaction or action, you can spend a fate point to deal 1d12 points of force damage. you can spend addtional fate points so the target receives 1d12 points of force damage per turn per fate points spended.

Chronomancer Spell List

You know at first level up to four spells from your Chronomancer spell list, and learn an additional two each time you gain a level of this class. The spells gained in this way are always prepared.


halt, bolt of time, temporal rift, astral barrier, vortex gaze

1st Level Spells

spell blade, revert time, hush, weight of 1000 years, Rift Balance, summon astral beast, eyes of time

2nd Level Spells

clockwork sphere, reflexive shot, eyes of fate, ancient path, ancient tether

3rd Level Spells

time bomb, bonesword, column of time, astral guardian

4th Level Spells

bane shot, split causality, veil of compressed time

5th Level Spells

enervation, astral communication, time trap, astral entity

6th Level Spells

woeful stab, to ashes

7th Level Spells

delayed blast time bomb, astral shift, time restoration

8th Level Spells

rip through time, rapture

9th Level Spells

quantum shift, pillars of time, planar superposition, severed rift


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the chronomancer class, you must meet these prerequisites: You must have 13 Wisdom.

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