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This subclass requires an intelligence score of 13 or higher.

A master of the art, Source

The gnome was disarmed, his back against the wall of the tavern as the orc tribe advanced upon him, brandishing their steel

weapons, and fancy bows, yet the gnome is not in fact the underdog in the fight. As they near, the gnome kicks the back wall and the mounted swordfish drops into his hands, as he grins a grin and laughs a laugh.

—Gustav Ingomar, Gromlak the storyteller, regailing the tail of an unknown individual.

Bonus Proficiency

You gain proficiency in improvised weapons

Unpredictable Fighter

at 3rd level, you may now use a bonus action to arm yourself with an improvised weapon. Any attack rolls made with an improvised weapon now do an additional 1d6 damage (increasing to 2d6 at 7th level, 3d6 at 12th level, and 4d6 at 18th level.

Didn't see that coming

At 7th level, upon arming yourself with an improvised weapon, make a stealth check vs your enemy's natural perception. If this succeeds, your next attack will have advantage on any enemy that has not seen you do this before.

Improviser's way

at 10th level, you've gotten so accustomed to using improvised weapons now that normal weapons just don't kick it for you. Conventional weapons now have disadvantage on attack rolls. However, you may now expand the way in which you use your trusted items. You can now equip Improvised items as temporary armour as a bonus action, each new piece of "armour" granting an additional 1AC to your character, up to a limit of 3 pieces. An enemy, on each attack roll that is higher that your original AC removes 1 piece of improvised armour. You may also now use Improvised items as sheilds.

Everyone's in on the fun!

At 15th level, with a successful strength contest against an enemy you may now use your action to use any creature up to medium size as improvised items, wether it be bodysheilds or weapons. Creatures a size smaller than you can be used as one handed items. All damage blocked by an enemy being used as a sheild is transferred upon the enemy, and all damage inflicted by one being used as a weapon is also inflicted to the "weapon".

Glass him!

at 20th level upon a successful attack with an improvised weapon, you may choose to spend your bonus action to concentrate all of your fury into the attack, choosing to break your weapon for a free critical hit, doubling the damage of the hit. This does not apply to enemies being used AS weapons.

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