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This fighter subclass requires an intelligence score of 13 or higher.

A master of the art, Source

The gnome was disarmed, his back against the wall of the tavern as the orc tribe advanced upon him, brandishing their steel

weapons, and fancy bows, yet the gnome is not in fact the underdog in the fight. As they near, the gnome kicks the back wall and the mounted swordfish drops into his hands, as he grins a grin and laughs a laugh.

—Gustav Ingomar, Gromlak the storyteller, regailing the tail of an unknown individual.

Unpredictable Fighter[edit]

You were never a bad brawler, you just had to make due with what you got. Maybe luck is on your side because you always seem to be able to find your way out of a situation.

At 3rd level, you may now use a bonus action to arm yourself with an improvised weapon. Any attack rolls made with an improvised weapon now do an additional 1d6 damage (increasing to 2d6 at 7th level, 3d6 at 12th level, and 4d6 at 18th level. You are also now proficient with improvised weapons.

Under Dog[edit]

You fight best when your back's against the ropes, you can bob and weave better than you can breathe. Starting at 7th level when 2 or more hostile creatures are within 5 feet of you, they have disadvantage on attack rolls against you.

Improviser's way[edit]

Starting at 10th level, you may now use an improvised item as a shield. This improvised shield gives +1AC.

You also now have the innate ability to break down your environment into improvised artisan's tool sets. To make one of these, you must break down appropriate materials worth half the cost of the artisan's tool set you are trying to make.

Everyone's in on the fun![edit]

At 15th level, you may now use a grappled creature, equal to or smaller than your size, as an improvised weapon or shield. Creatures a size smaller than you can be used as a one handed weapon. All damage blocked by an creature being used as a shield is transferred to the "shield". Half of all damage inflicted by an creature being used as a weapon is also inflicted to the "weapon".

Glass him![edit]

Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice, so if the going gets tough; break your weapon on them.

At 18th level, upon a successful hit with an improvised weapon, you may choose to spend your bonus action to concentrate all of your fury into the attack, turning the hit into a critical hit while also breaking the weapon. This does not apply to creatures being used as improvised weapons.

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