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You are (or were) a jockey. You are proficient at racing horses. You were in the employ of some important noble, royal, or merchant who wanted do display their wealth and status by racing horses. For some reason you have decided to learn a class and do something new. Were you a great jockey but some accident happened? Were you a mediocre jockey and couldn't make it to being champion? Did you anger or embarrass your patron, and have been blackballed? Did you do something wrong and got a prize horse killed? Just why have you decided to go adventuring?

Small Size
Your size is small. No matter which race you are, your size is small. Your speed is 25 ft on foot.

Skill Proficiencies: You have double proficiency at animal handling.

Tool Proficiencies: horse shoeing toolkit.

Equipment: riding horse or race horse, saddle, bridle, saddle bags, horse shoes.

Racing Tricks[edit]

d6 Specialization
1 Burst of Speed - You are able to increase a horse's speed by an additional 30 ft per turn for 1 minute, once per short rest (a short rest for the horse that is).
2 Distance Riding - You are able to ride a horse faster and farther than most humanoids. Add 5 ft / round to the speed of the horse you are riding. In addition, add 10 miles to the distance a horse you are riding can travel before needing a long rest.
3 Steeple Chase - You are able to jump a riding horse or a racing horse over fences and low walls without slowing down.
4 Stair Walking - You are able to lead a horse or other equine up and down stairs in buildings, outdoors, or dungeons at a speed of 10 ft.
5 Race Horse Trainer - You can take a riding horse or an untrained horse and train it to be a race horse over the period of one year. You can do this with as many as four horses at a time.
6 Jockey Trainer - You are able to train a small human or humanoid as a jockey able to perform one of the specializations on this list. They acquire the jockey background after one year of training.

Feature: Equine Friendship[edit]

Horses and other equines like you, even unusual equines such as hippogriffs and unicorns. They feel comfortable around you, and they may come to you when you call them. Sometimes even if you don't call them. Even wild, dangerous, and fearful equines will tolerate your presence.

Alternate Feature: Horse Evaluation[edit]

You are good at evaluating the age, quality, speed, temperament, training, and characteristics of a horse after watching it or being with it for a while. You can also tell when a horse needs medical attention.

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