Control Living Skeleton (5e Spell)

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Control Living Skeleton
3rd-level Enchantment
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 30'
Components: V S M (four strings attached to the ends of two crossed sticks)
Duration: Concentration, 10 minutes

Control the internal skeleton of a living creature. The creature gets a saving throw on strength each round to regain control of its skeleton. The creature still has control over their lips, tongue, eyes and magical breath, but all bones are under the control of the caster. The creature can still cast spells it knows with no somatic component. Any breath or verbalized attacks are at a disadvantage. The creature goes where the caster wants and does what the caster wants at half speed, and with disadvantage. If the caster tries to make the creature do anything that is dangerous to itself, it gets an additional saving throw as a reaction. This spell not affect undead, gods, demi-gods, or creatures with legendary actions.

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