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Warlock Otherworldy Patron: The Formless One[edit]

You have made a pact with a powerful entity such as a deity, demon lord, or another supernatural entity that has power over slimes and oozes. You form a symbiotic relationship with your patron, by integrating a portion of your patron's slimy body within you, which in turn grants you supernatural power that you now wield. Slowly but surely, you are becoming one with your patron, but not before you channel its power for your great ambitions.

Since deities gain their power from their believers' faith, most of the gods of slimes and oozes are, in fact, as mindless and primitive as ordinary slimes and oozes. This does not make them less dangerous, however, for their ravenous hunger cannot be satisfied with mortal means.

The Formless One Expanded Spell List

The Formless One lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Spell Level Spells
1st entangle, grease
2nd acid arrow, web
3rd meld into stone, stinking cloud
4th freedom of movement, polymorph
5th contagion*, passwall

*Unless you gain this spell from another source, you can apply only Slimy Doom with it.

Amorphous Step

Starting at 1st level, your patron reveals to you the secret of walking and moving as an ooze does. Moving through difficult terrain, both nonmagical and magical, costs you no extra movement, and you ignore any obstacles and spells that affects you when stepped on, including ball bearings, caltrops, and the grease spell.

Corrosive Defense

Starting at 6th level, your sweat, blood, and other bodily fluid become viscous and acidic, which you utilize as a defensive system. When you are hit by an attack by a nonmagical weapon, the weapon is partly corroded and takes a permanent and cumulative -1 penalty to damage rolls. If its penalty drops to -5, the weapon is destroyed. Additionally, nonmagical ammunitions made of metal that hits you is destroyed after dealing damage.

Amorphous Resilience

Starting at 10th level, your patron's influence on you renders your flesh and organs resistant to acids and other corrosive substances, which now flows within your body. You are resistant to acid damage and you have advantage on all ability checks and saving throws against being grappled, paralyzed, and restrained.

Raise Ooze

Starting at 14th level, as an action, you can release built up slime within yourself by touching a dead creature, transforming it into an ooze-like duplicate of the creature. This creature is under your control. You can affect a creature of a Challenge Rating equal to your half your level, minimum 1, rounded down, that doesn't have Legendary Actions. This creatures creature type is ooze, its Intelligence score is 1, its Wisdom is 6, and its Charisma score is 1. It has all the natural abilities it had in life such as natural weapon attacks, resistances, and natural armor, however, it lacks the mental or physical capacity to use traits like regeneration, spellcasting, and innate spellcasting. You can only have one creature animated this way at once, and the ooze lasts for 8 hours, until you dismiss it as a bonus action, or until you use this feature again. You regain use of this feature once you have completed a long rest.

Eldritch Invocations[edit]

The invocations exclusive to The Formless One patron are added to the Eldritch Invocations list of the Warlock Variant Rule: Invocations and Boons page.

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