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Ranger Subclass[edit]

Tree Whisperer

Beginning at level 3 when you gain this subclass, you can cast speak with plants once per long rest. Additionally, you have advantage on persuasion attempts on plant type creatures.

Forest Walker

Starting at level 7, You gain Forest as a favored terrain if you didn't already have it. While In a forest terrain you can hide up to five people in 10 minutes. While hidden you cannot move, but have advantage on stealth checks as well as group stealth checks. You must have access to trees equal to the number of people there are as well as mud, or water. If you or a member of your group makes an attack against anything while in this action, they gain the Sneak attack bonus equal to what you would have if you were a rouge . This can only be done once by each group member before they are seen, and then they must be hidden again.

Level 7-8 4d6

Level 9-10 5d6

Level 11-12 6d6

Level 13-14 7d6

Level 15-16 8d6

Level 17-18 9d6

Level 19-20 10d6

Woodland Master

Beigining at 11th level, you can cast the Conjure Woodland Beings spell or the :Conjure Animals once per long rest at your highest spell slot level, without components. If you are in one of your favored terrains, all of these creatures summoned this way gain pack tactics.

Treant Worrier

Beginning at level 15, Once per long rest you may transform a nearby tree into a Treant. It is friendly to you and all of your group and will follow your commands to the best of its ability, however it looses its Multiattack, and animate trees abilities. This lasts one hour and you must keep concentration of it will return to a tree where it stands. Additionally, when leveling up you gain 1d12 + double your Constitution Modifier in HP from now on. (Min of 2).

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