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Divine Warrior[edit]

Fighter : Subclass[edit]

A Warrior of Faith that is not quite on the same level as a paladin, They gain power from their faith, although the connection with their god is not strong enough to cast magic in their name, they do however gain the ability to channel power directly from their deity.

Channel Divinity

At 3rd level, you gain the ability to channel divine energy directly from your deity, using that energy to fuel magical effect. You start with the effect: Divine Weapon. When you use your Channel Divinity, you choose which option to use. You can use your Channel Divinity a number of times equal to half your characters level rounded down. You must then finish a long rest before you can use your Channel Divinity again. This does not stack with the Paladin and Cleric Channel Divinity Feature.

Damage types For Damaging Channel Divinities are chosen by your Domain, which are:

Knowledge - Force




Trickery - Acid

War - Fire

Channel Divinity / Divine Weapon

Duration: 10 Minutes

Starting at 3rd level-

When active this ability gives you +1 on all attack rolls and an extra 1D4 Damage. The Weapon is considered magic for the purposes of overcoming damage resistance.

At 10 level this increases to +2 on attack rolls and 2d4 damage

Channel Divinity / Divine Smite

Duration : Instant

Starting at 7th level-

When activated a wave of energy shoots out from the Divine Warrior causing 3d8 damage to all enemies within 20ft of him. Damage increases to 4D8 at 10 Level , and 5D8 at 15 Level

Channel Divinity / Divine Shield

Duration : 1 Hour

Starting at 10th level-

When this ability is activated you call forth a shield of divine energy which gives you a +2 AC, and advantage on all Wisdom , Constitution , and Death saving throws.

Channel Divinity / Divine Will

Duration : 10 Minutes / Concentration

Starting at 15th level-

When this ability is active the Divine warrior gains a complete immunity to the conditions of Charmed and Frightened.

Channel Divinity / Divine Retribution

Duration : 10 Minutes

Starting at 18th level-

When This ability is active , Whenever you take damage the attacker must make a dex save or have half that damage reflected back at them.

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