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Dentist's tools come in a flat-bottomed black or brown leather bag with a metal-frame closing mouth. The bag contains a number of general steel tools of a highly polished and precision nature. Using these tools a small or medium creature tooth can be removed in 1 minute. The tooth of a large creature can be removed in 10 minutes.

Proficiency with these tools give a character +1 on medicine checks and +1 on intimidation checks.

If the actual contents of the bag are ever of roleplaying importance, they include:

  • Tooth pliers
  • A small hand drill, with various bits
  • A small filling packing tool
  • A small mirror on a stick
  • Needle and thread for stitching wounds
  • Dikes for reshaping shaping gums of large creatures, capable of snipping off the ends of fingers, toes, or large scales
  • Herbs, spiderweb and gauze for clotting bleeding
  • Herbs and liquid for reducing pain
  • Mouth guards
  • Bite sticks
  • A small knife for carving dentures
  • A whetstone
  • A small hammer
  • Live leaches
  • A smock
  • A tiny magical light capable of illuminating 1 cubic foot of space, attached to a piece of headgear
  • A pair of scissors
  • Alloy powder made of tin, lead etc.
  • Various small files
  • A small ceramic or metal cup

Cost: 32 gp
Weight: 10 lb.

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