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Knapping is the art of making stone tools from flint or obsidian. This activity is usually done by primitive tribesmen to make tools for hunting, combat, skinning, and food preparation. It is also sone frequently by people from Pre-Bronze Age Civiliizations Knapping can be used to make knives, spears, points for arrows, and points that can be sold to make high quality surgical equipment. The knapping toolkit contains flint cores, obsidian spalls, antler billets, antler tines, a hard hammer stone, a soft hammer stone, antler handle blanks (for making knife handles), animal gut for setting the points, and a platform abrader. This toolkit comes in a leather or rawhide pouch with a strap.

The 1 GP cost is for trading for the cores and spalls. The rest of the toolkit is gathered for free from nature. The 20 lb weight is because you are carrying a bunch of rocks.

Creation Time
  • Excellent work, total, 2 hours. Knapping a good point takes one hour. Creating a knife handle or spear shaft and setting the point in a spear or knife takes one more hour. You need to also have a fletching skill if you want to make arrows.
  • Quick and dirty work, total, half hour. The tool or weapon will be used at disadvantage if making the point, handle/shaft, and setting the point is all done in half an hour.

Cost: 1 gp
Weight: 20 lb.

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