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You are capable of entering a state of pure calm. As a bonus action, you may enter a poised state for one minute. While in this state, you may use a reaction to gain one of the following benefits.

  • When making a saving throw, you may gain advantage on that save.
  • When you take psychic damage, you may gain resistance.
  • When you fail a concentration save, you may reroll.
  • When being targeted by an attack, you may force them to treat that attack as if you Dodged.

You can enter this state once, and regain the use after finishing a short rest or long rest.

If you have the Rage feature, when entering a rage, you may also enter a poised state as part of that action. When doing so, the benefits of rage also apply to things which rely on Dexterity, instead of just Strength. Doing so only takes the use of Rage, not Poised.

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