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Way of the Time Slip[edit]

Monk Subclass

The monks of the Time Slip have studied the flow of time itself, and begun to learn to redirect its flow through the people they touch.

Time Siphon

At 3rd level, when you hit a target with your flurry of blows, you may subtract 1d4 from the target's initiative, and add the same amount to your own initiative. If this would move your turn, it does not take effect until the start of the next round.

Time Sluice

Starting at 6th level, when you suffer a effect that lasts for an amount of time, like the slow or hold person spells, or conditions inflicted by monsters, you may spend 2 ki points to suspend this effect on yourself until the start of your next turn, at which point you can spend 2 more ki points to suspend it again, and so on.

If the effect requires concentration, and you have it suspended while concentration ends, the effect does not take effect, however the duration only starts or restarts after Time Sluice ends.

Time Spout

At 11th level, you can use a bonus action and 4 ki points to touch a creature and allow them to immediately take a single action as if it were their turn.

Time Shunt

At 17th level, when you use Stunning Strike, and the target fails their saving throw, you can spend 3 ki points, and force them to make a Charisma saving throw, equal to your Ki Save DC. If they fail, they are shunted from the time stream. For the duration, they cannot move, be moved, or take any form of action. However, this is rather difficult to maintain. At the start of your turn, for every creature that is currently forcibly removed from the stream of time by you, you lose 3 ki points. If you run out of ki points, they immediately re-enter the time stream. This can also be ended as a bonus action.

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