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LA −10
LA −4
LA −3
LA −2
Teacup Canin: Toy Canin that are smaller than usual
LA −1
Genetic Dwarf:
Thrull: These twisted creatures were literally bred to die, ensuring their masters an unlimited supply for their human sacrifices.
LA 0
Biomechanical Creature: Creatures blessed with both the durable shell of a construct and the natural regeneration of a living being.
Former Vessel: These are humanoids that have once been possessed by a powerful entity.
Ghostlie: Ghostlies are the petitioners of the Isles of the Dead
Gluttonous: A gluttonous creature is capable of consuming much more than would seem healthy for a member of its race, and its weight certainly shows. They are capable and proficient enough with eating, that they have learned to use their mouths as weapons in combat.
Gronfrox: Rarely devolved humanoids
Half-Forged: These are humanoids that have been given some "forged" parts.
Half-Zebra: For MLP fans who are fond of Zonies (Zebra+Pony hybrids)
Perfected: A near featureless being that seeks to "perfect" the world and its inhabitants
Psychic: Creatures born with the spark of psionic power deep within their minds.
Raised Among The Wolves: You were raised from infancy away from your people and as a result you have acquired the skills of those you grew up with.
Sick of Oripathy: Creatures that came in contact with high concentrations of magic, strengthening their arcane at the price of their body.
Social Justice Warrior: Nothing strikes terror into the hearts of fascists more than the social justice warrior. Well, maybe not terror, but... something...
Souled (3.5e Racial Template): A creature accidentally brought back from the dead as a skeleton with its mind intact.
Swordwraith: Mercenaries devoted strongly enough to a life of war that they carry on in death their endless campaign of destruction.
Synthetic Soul: Synthetic Soul are created by magic, creatures with Synthetic Soul are different then others of it kind.
The Dovahkiin: “You should have acted. They're already here. The Elder Scrolls told of their return. Their defeat, was merely a delay. From the time after Oblivion opened... When the sons of Skyrim, would spill their own blood... But no one wanted to believe... believe they would exist. And when the truth, finally dawned... it dawned in FIRE! But... there's one they fear... In their tongue he is Dovahkiin... DRAGONBORN!"
Timelost: Timelost are beings that have experienced events that place them outside of the normal effects of time.
Timelost, Variant: Timelost are beings that have experienced events that place them outside of the normal effects of time.
Tuskarr: The anthropomorphic Walrus creatures from World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King.
Undying: Undying are humanoids that through vile magic, curses or dark pacts became undead.
Vampire, Keran: The Vampires of the Keran Setting
Vampire, Methuselan: Methuselans are a human race of undead closely related to common vampires.
Vampire, Unkilled:
LA 1
Aanan: At one with Music
Agarican: Fungal creatures with large mushrooms growing from their bodies, they are the possessed bodies of other races.
Altered Natural Caster:
Avexilia-Blooded: Avexilia-Blooded are the few that have uncovered Avexilia's corpse and consumed her flesh.
Beast Heir: Beast Heirs are humanoids who have some amount of magical beast blood in them from their heritage. Those that are truly the direct offspring are instead known as Half-Beasts.
Belmont clan: Belmont clan members are significantly more experienced and seasoned combatants who have trained to master the skill of the Belmont clan. More durable and more dangerous than other human, they are talented individuals.
Canin Bully Breed: Dogmen who are bigger than usual for their type
Canin Scent Hound: Some breeds of Hound Canin are truly masters of tracking by scent
Canin Sighthound: Slender, quick running Canin with excellent eye sight
Cured of Lycanthropy:
Demon-Tailored Plushie: Every so often, a Plushie seeking to improve itself will seek out a demonic craftsman to reinforce its fragile body.
Electric Creature: Electric creatures are creatures that are found on the elemental plane of electricity, although they resemble beings found on other planes.
Felis Sapien: Felis Sapiens are the result of an alchemical disaster in which the victim becomes a cat-humanoid.
Fire Creature: Fire creatures are creatures that are found on the elemental plane of fire, although they resemble beings found on other planes.
Ghoul, Keran: A humanoid which feasted upon the flesh of a ghoul or been afflicted with Ghoul Fever.
Half-Beast: Half-Beast are humanoids who are the offspring of a magical beast of feline, canine, or ursine nature and a mortal creature, specifically a human, elf, half-elf or Shifter. Beings of animal power, they are the hybridization of two unalike ideals.
Half-Dragon, 2nd Variant: Half-dragon creatures are always more formidable than others of their kind that do not have dragon blood, and their appearance betrays their nature—scales, elongated features, reptilian eyes, and exaggerated teeth and claws. Sometimes they have wings.
Half-Dragon, Variant: Half-dragon creatures are always more formidable than others of their kind that do not have dragon blood, and their appearance betrays their nature—scales, elongated features, reptilian eyes, and exaggerated teeth and claws. Sometimes they have wings.
Half-Shadow: Half-Shadows are based loosely on the Forgotten Realms template and create an interesting dynamic for players.
Headless One:
Heavensewn Plushie: Sometimes a great champion is needed to save the world from a Flock of Seagulls, or a horde of pie, or some other grave menace; that's where the Heavensewn step in.
Huge: A creature with this template is much bigger then normal.
Ice Creature: Ice creatures are creatures that are found on excessively cold parts of the multiverse, although they resemble beings found in warmer parts.
Kirin: Half-Dragon Template Adapted for MLP based settings
Kord-Touched: Kord-Touched creatures are blessed by the god of strength and luck. They are stronger and faster than others of their kind.
Lich, Lower:
Living Bomb: A bomb has been built into this creature, giving its foes a nasty surprise when it goes down.
Low-Power Lycanthrope: Lycanthropes are those afflicted or naturally able to turn into half man, half animal creatures.
Mimic: Mimics are imitations, a mockery of nature. Mimics are very similar in appearance and personality to the base creature however, they are aberrations with an instinctive loyalty toward their master.
Mutable: A person who's gained the power of a changeling's mutability
Noble: This template represents the higher education and ideals of the gentry class.
Northern Spawn: Aberrations that have spent a great deal of time in colder regions.
Phyrexian: A creature corrupted by the glistening oil. The sentient phyrexians refer to the process as Compleation.
Planetouched: Template versions of Aasimar and Tieflings.
Plushie: For when you need plushie dragons!
Psionic: With natural psionic power, Psionic creatures are capable of manifesting devestating mental prowess.
Psionic Variant - Natural Psion: A variant of the Psionic Template offering limited Psionic Powers rather than Psi-like abilities.
Rabid Plushie: A Rabid Plushie is a plushie that has turned wild, they have gained extra brawn but lack in brains.
Radiant Touched: They may appear colorful, saturated with bright hues and light, and some have ribbons of visible light within their body.
Rokurokubi: A Rokurokubi is a beast of Japanese mythology. They were often cursed women who had defied the Buddha in some way.
Shade Cloth Plushie: A Shade Cloth Plushie is one that lives in the dark, they are cold and devious.
Shadow Grafted: A number of beings have been captured and brought into the Plane of Shadows over time. These beings and their descendants find themselves vastly magically altered., A template for a terrible magical creation that made magically oriented creatures.
Shardsoul: Shardsouls have a soul that's been split into fragments. Those fragments are typically placed into equipment, boosting it in an effect similar to that of unseen servant.
Sireine: Sireine are amphibious creatures that are both quick and charming.
Skullguard: At first sight, the skullguard may appear to be nothing more than skeletons in armor, but they wield a tactical intelligence that would make the strictest generals proud and horrified.
Snake Geist (3.5e Race Template):
Spellborg: The creature before you seems to have had artificial grafts applied to their body. Its arms are plated with steel and stone, and magical energy flickers under its surface.
Steroid User: A creature uses artificial stimulants to grow larger.
Swallowing: Swallowing things, bones and all
Synthetic Soul: Synthetic Soul are created by magic, creatures with Synthetic Soul are different then others of it kind.
Travelling Plague Carrier: The creature hovering before you is a large flaming bird, flapping its wings. Smoke comes off of it and its eyes glint darkly as it swoops at you.
Unexpected Spellcasting Ability:
Vampire (3.5e Racial Template):
Vampire Donor: Vampire donors are not undead, but living beings who have a symbiotic relationship with the undead.
Vampire, Methuselan: Methuselans are a human race of undead closely related to common vampires.
Veteran: Veteran creatures are significantly more experienced and seasoned combatants who have lived among a world wrought with strife. More durable and more dangerous than their counterparts, they are talented individuals.
Vhaeraun-Kissed: Having witnessed the gifts Lolth gave her chosen few, the drow god of masculinity and thieves was not to be outdone.
Void Spawn: A creature tainted by the powers of the void or similar plane. They hunger with the emptiness of their home and mindlessly search for anything that can saturate their thirst.
Wanderer: You have traveled many miles and seen many things. You know how to cover ground and look out for yourself in the wilderness.
Wind Creature:
Yelp: A humanoid which has been afflicted with Yelp Fever or created by positive aligned necromancers.
LA 2
SRD:Celestial Creature:
Chosen of Poseidon:
Complete Vampire Overhaul:
Conjured Creature: Not a natural creature, rather one that was conjured up via the use of powerful magic.
Cosmic Power: This is an alteration to the sorcerer's Cosmic Powers from 4.0e. While it doesn't give spells as it did, it gives a character the ability to change Phases.
Dream-Torn: Dream-Torn people have experienced horrors within the Dreamscape. Often, these nightmares center around a single person or event and are connected to the creatures subconscious.
Drider: Drow clerics, sorcerers, and wizards who show exceptional talent are subject to a special test when they reach 6th level; those who fail become driders.
Eximus: Eximus creatures are commonly a random improvement in the creature, but they are just as common as the result of a breeding program to make a better warrior or creature.
Fallen Angel:
Feline: Always on the prowl, a creature with the feline template takes on many of the features of the hunter and stalker.
Greater Beast: Greater Beasts are superior to their regular animal counterparts in every sense; larger, faster, stronger, more intelligent, they represent superior breeding and stock, subsequently they are frequently sought after.
Greater Skeleton: A skeleton that is no mindless undead, but retains their former strength.
Half-Grue: Half-grues are creatures that are for one reason or another share half their bloodline with a grue.
Half-Wyvern: Horrific and hateful dragonblooded beings born of wyverns and other unfortunate creatures.
Hellspawn: Hellspawn are creatures coming from the infernal planes; they have generally red skin and horns, as well as claws.
Heroic: The effects of being born a Hero.
Immortal: Creatures who transcended mortality and became immortal.
Impure Spawn: Impure Spawns are those who have had their soul returned by edo tensei to their bodies or another bodies after they have died. As such, they are far from mindless, but they still aren't living.
Kryptonian: Under yellow sunlight, kryptonians gain immense strength and speed, but deprived of such an energy source, they become only as powerful as normal humans.
Lycan, Lore Variant:
Magic Born:
Mako Infused: Mako is wild arcane energy, that can enhance living creaturs by fusing into their bloodstream. These arcane magics grant them powerful feats of strength.
Member of the Unity: The Unity is a group of psychics who draw on each other to improve and gain psychic abilities.
Nightstalker: A race of vampires so devoted to their own personal goals that they disregard any and all obligation to others
SRD:Phrenic Creature:
Prophet: In many cultures, some children are born with extraordinary abilities. These abilities take the form of "healing" and "second sight".
Proto-Drake: A Proto-Drake is a primal dragon, who has either failed to evolve to its older form or devolved through magical means. They are more physically fit than a normal dragon in most senses, but are not as smart or wise.
Pseudo Immortal: Pseudo immortals are incredibly difficult to permanently destroy; normally, whenever they die, they simply revive shortly afterwards, fully recovered.
Rimebound Fallen: Sometimes undead aren't just rotting corpses that have been animated to follow another: sometimes, corpses partially freeze before becoming undead.
Shadowhunter: Shadowhunters are creatures who have been mutated into the ultimate hunters through intense exposure to the plane of shadow and other fell means, transmogrifying them into an apex predator.
Shadowkin: Shadowkin creatures have cultivated a strong communion with the plane of shadow.
Shadowmorph: Those whose souls have been tainted with the essence of "shadowstuff" find their spiritual powers as mailable as the Shadow Plane itself.
Shar-Kissed Creature:
Siren: Sirens are afflicted with a terrible curse of the sea, much like lycanthropy. A siren changes shape into a vicious creature and preys upon the living.
Siren, variant:
Sol Vigilant:
Son of Poseidon:
Soultorn: There are those who have had dreams that they never fully woke up from.
Swarmnester: A creature who's body contains a nest of insects that serve that creature.
Thunderborn: A creature blessed, or possibly cursed, by a thunderstorm, magical influence, or simply chance.
Timeborne: The very stream of time flows within the veins of a timeborne, enabling it to effect time itself in a minor way.
True Named: A True Named creature is a being that knows his True Name, gaining power from it, but becoming dependant on it.
Werepyre, Sabre: A Werepyre is a were-vampire of sorts, it can change into an animal form and suck your blood at the same time.
Wolf Elf Paragonborn: You're born stronger and more resilient.
Zodiac Born: The only way to distinguish a Zodiac Born is by their Zodiac birth-mark. Zodiac Born creatures are blessed by the cosmic forces of nature and are either Clairvoyant or Psionic.
LA 3
Alpha Creature: An alpha creature is the absolute best of the type of creature it is.
Black-Blooded: Infused with eldritch blood, driven by madness, the Black-Blooded slowly travel to their ends.
Crystalline Creature: A crystalline is a special psionic creature that has formed due to overexposure to psionic energy.
Deathless: Unlike ordinary undead, however, deathless are undead that are animated by divine decree and, therefore, considerably more potent.
Elemental Creature:
Half-Hound Archon: Creatures that have a Hound Archon for one parent.
Half-Jinn: Half-jinni are most oft desert dwelling offshoots from nomadic or tribal cultures which come into frequent contact with earthbound genies (most often janni).
Iconic Revenant: What happens when a hero dies before they win? They get up and try again.
Jiangshi: When the soul of a deceased fails to leave its body, a jiangshi is born. Condemned to wander the lands, killing the living and devouring their life energy.
Mecha-Creatures: Mecha-creatures are clockwork, robotic copies of their origin of design.
Multifaceted Creature: The Multifaceted Creature is a character who has picked up a number of unique abilities in their travels.
Nymph (3.5e Race):
Planeswalker: A being with a spark connecting it to the Aether, capable of innately traveling between planes.
Quasi-Lich: A creature who has tapped into the power of lichdom without becoming influenced by the negative energy
Sea Monster: Undead or other creatures without Constitution who have spent extended periods of time on the ocean floor
Shaman: "As I watched them battle, no weapon clashed or sparked, like an invisible force was the blade. I began to look harder and a spirit hung over them like ghosts locked in battle using them as vessels." - Jarok Yankov, Confused Onlooker
Silver Blood: A mostly normal looking creature, but with special powers that aid in hunting lycanthropes, vampires, and other evils of the night.
Siren: Sirens are afflicted with a terrible curse of the sea, much like lycanthropy. A siren changes shape into a vicious creature and preys upon the living.
Vitageist: When a strong soul meets a font of positive energy, a strange solidified ghost of positive energy may form.
LA 4
Alluring to Alpha (Pathfinder Template):
Bonded: The Bonded is not a single creature, but instead a number of creatures, all bonded together by a ritual and a pact with an Overdeity.
Chevalier: Two Chevaliers fighting
Darkness Hound: These have humongous teeth and claws, and the black fur only covers the hard shell, not to mention the glowing red eyes.
Demigod: The effects of one of your parents being mortal and the other immortal.
Evolved, Variant: This variant of the 'evolved' template represents the evolutionary stage a species would (most likely) reach after inhabiting (and surviving) the worse environmental conditions possible for millions of years, making it very powerful and adapted to its environment.
Fabled Hero: The Fabled Hero is a champion of the common folk upon whom the Fates have smiled.
Faster: Fasters are a faster form of the race.
Frostlich: Sometimes Frost Mages are not happy with regular Lichdom. Frostliches are comparable in apparence and ability to a regular lich. Their bones are made of pure blue cristal and their empty eyes socket have dark blue pinpoint.
Green Lich: A mortal who bound their soul to the land, becoming immortal in order to protect it.
Half-Inevitable: The Half-Inevitable are strange Warforged with a powerful connection to the Plane of Law, so powerful that they gain the power of law.
Kelir Shaythan: Among the many houses of the Seelie and Unseelie courts, there is the rare warrior who is choosen to transcend his fragile sylvan frame in favor of a stronger, tougher undying body.
Lich, Keran: A spellcaster that has used powerful necromancy to prolong their life.
Mournknight: A mournknight is an undead warrior, usually a fighter or barbarian but sometimes other warrior classes become mournknights, and rarely a spellcasting class becomes a mournknight, on the day of the mourning.
Mutant Template:
Reflector: Reflectors are born with a strange power -- the ability to become like the world around them.
Reworked Vampire: Vampires appear just as they did in life, although with pale skin and predatory look.
Schism: A being with two, or more, souls in it's body.
The Enchanted:
Wendigo: Wendigos are cursed individuals, condemned for eating the flesh of their kin whilst in a northern forest. They resemble hulking, fur-covered brutes with a tail and forward-slanting forehead.
Zombine: Zombine are much like zombies, only they retain some of their former sentience. They are driven to kill by cravings for flesh.
LA 5
Ancient Blackscale Lizardfolk:
Dark Seekers: It is said that the vampyre lords of Nial formed the first dark seekers from heroes who had fallen in battle with that dark realm.
Dragon Changeling: A Dragon Changeling is a half dragon with minor shapeshifting abilities.
Graceful: You were born/created with extraordinary grace and dexterity.
Lycanthropy Vampire: A Lycanthropy Vampire is a vampire that drains and gives lycanthropy.
Patriarch: Patriarchs are some of the most ancient and most powerful beings of their race.
Psi-Inquisitor: Psi-Inqisitors are humanoids born with a special talent for Psionics.
Shade: A shade borders the realm of death. Neither alive nor undead, a shade merely exists, calling upon the shadowfell for its existence.
Soulmerged: A mortal who has become immortal because of accumulated souls.
LA 6
Advanced Mind: The mind is an ever-changing thing; Always growing, where will we end up?
Alternate Vampire: This is a Meyerian Vampire template, based on Stephanie Meyer's Twilight vampires.
Dragon Infused: When a dragon dies, it's possible it may give it's soul to another living being.
Living Ghost: Living Ghosts are an exceedingly rare kind of ghosts who are as close to life as they are to death.
Reiko Vampire: Vampires are a species of supernatural creatures that can only gain nutrition from blood.
Shadowen: A Shadowen is a being of pure dark magic given life. No one knows where these beings came from only that their one goal is to destroy everyone/thing.
War Wraith: A Soul with such a Strong Will to Continue Fighting Their Soul Remains Bound to their already dead Body
LA 7
Half-Tarrasque: A creature stands before you, vaguely humanoid in shape, with a tough-looking carapace and great, powerful claws.
Hell Spawn: Born to serve Malebolgia, Hellspawn are the foot soldiers of Hell's army.
Silver Children: Silver Children are mysterious beings who seek only to create more of themselves. They are not particularly intelligent, but they are very quick.
LA 8
Complete Vampire Overhaul:
Corrupt: Corrupted creatures are touched by evil and darkness.
Enshadowed Soul: An Enshadowed Soul is a ghost that travels to the plain of shadow and dies.
Ozhalig: Ozhalig are naturally psionic creatures, who are incredibly beautiful. There are two ozhalig kinds: animal ozhalig and humanoid ozhalig.
LA 9
LA 10
Complete Vampire Overhaul:
Primordial Beast: A Primordial Beast is a creature of untold power and size, with some resemblance to any average creature
Primordial Lord: Template add to a Primordial Warrior (3.5e Class) after they become one with their Primordial Lord.
Sanctified Vampire:
Vampire (3.5e Racial Template):
LA 12
Awakened Zombie: A sentient and highly dangerous type of zombies.
Reiko Vampire: Vampires are a species of supernatural creatures that can only gain nutrition from blood.
LA 16
Meyerian Vampire: The vampires featured in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series.
Nightwalker: Nightwalkers are human-shaped horrors that haunt the darkness.
LA 20
Ancient Primordial Lord: Beings older than the universe itself that are older, wiser, and may even be more powerful than Ao himself
Champion of the Light (Pathfinder Template):
Exemplar: This creature is wreathed in raw, divine essence. Exemplars are creatures that result directly from a deity's power, either forming from the aether or being purposefully created.
True Deity:
LA 30
Variable LA[1]
Awakened Creature: The template that results from using Awaken on animals.
Composite Psyche: Rarely, multiple distinct psyches are forced to occupy a single body
Gargoyle, Specific: This template can be applied to a base gargoyle to create a gargoyle of specific type of stone (i.e A Granite Gargoyle).
Genetic Experiment: A genetic experiment, result of futuristic science.
God`s Child: When a god has a child.
Hive Mind: A Hive Mind creature is bonded with other hive minds. They share their abilities.
Humanoid Monster:
Living Balloon: The creature looks like the normal creature; however, it is actually a balloon.
Living Magic:
One With Magic (Forgotten Realms 3.5e Template): You are a magic being. The magic is you.
Possessed Vessel: When a creature is possessed by an Outsider, they become one being.
Prodigy, Variant:
Tation (Elemental Hybrid): Tations, sometimes known as Elemental Hybrids, are living creatures who were infused with elemental essence, and transformed into half-elemental half-living creatures.
Treant, Specific:
Twisted Creature: Creatures with this template have been warped into hideous parodies of their previous forms.
Winged, Variant: A winged variant template that provides some level options and fleshed-out abilities.
Worgen: Worgen are cursed humanoids that look like a Wolf Lycanthrope in hybrid form.
LA —[2]
Adsecula Host: These are creatures absorbed by Adsecula, from the moment the Adsecula enters their body.
Child: The child template is considered appropriate for creatures below the age of adult for that race.
Clockwork: Not all golems are solid stone or iron. Some are complex creations of turning gears and pressurized steam.
Dark Cloud Undead: Those who die in the tainted zone rise as Dark Cloud undead, usually zombies, imbued of necromantic intelligence and unholy strength.
Darkmind: A splinter-only parasite.
Dire: The Dire template is a template variant of dire animals that already exist. They are generally tougher, more ferocious and more cunning and prevalent in battle.
Dire, Variant: Dire animals are Stronger, Tougher, and more Dangerous.
Eidolons: creatures forsaking their planar origins to become super-planar creatures.
Good Chocobo: Excellent chocobos. Not as good as Wonderful or Great chocobos, but better than normal chocobos.
Great Chocobo: Excellent chocobos. Not as good as Wonderful chocobos, but better than Good chocobos.
Guardian Beast: Guardian Beasts are beings which have been altered by incredibly powerful beings, such as celestial paragons or archdevils, in order to guard something of great importance to them on the material plane.
Half-Cathnakari: Half-Cathnakari are relatively easy to spot from their pointed ears and short fur. They are extremely agile and cunning, possessing a few of the Cathnakari's shadow manipulation powers. They tend towards arcane magic like their ancestors.
Heartless: Heartless are monsters from the plane of shadow that are drawn to the darkness in peoples hearts. For more information go here
Hollow: Hollows are corrupted souls that dwell inside their own heavily guarded and secluded plane, however they must venture beyond this in order to feed on the souls of the mortal realm.
Kaiju: Short (Titanic Magical Beast) description.
Kobold Mafia Mech: Modified constructs meant to be piloted by the Kobold Mafia.
Legendary Template: An animal or magical beast that was choosen by a overwhelming power to protect and guard it.
Legion Possessed: "My name is Legion: for we are many."
Living Epic Spell: “Living Epic Spell” in an unusual template, in that it is applied to an epic spell (or in some cases, a group of epic spell effects) and not to a creature.
Mutant: Mutant creatures which possess strange unique powers, formed by someone with the Craft Mutant feat.
Otherworldly: The inhabitants of the Otherworld, the land of the Tuatha De Dannan
Poor Chocobo: Chocobos of... less than spectacular ability. These are the runts and less powerful members of their species.
Rahi Beast: Larger than life mechanical beasts with intimidating "natural" assets.
Spider, Monstrous Specific: This template can be applied to a base Monstrous Spider to create a Monstrous Spider of specific type (i.e jumping spider).
Sunken Soul: Sunken Souls are those who have had their souls removed from their body from binding magic.
Vermin, Improved: Some vermin become greater than others of their species. These are improved vermin; vermin which are stronger, more dextrous and tougher than others, as well as more intelligent (even gaining the ability to take class levels).
Wonderful Chocobo: Some chocobos are exceptional examples of their species, having great speed, endurance, and abilities. These chocobos are wonderful chocobos.
Zombie, Thriller:
3.5e Template Preload:
Aiar: Aiar are a race of celestials who operate the Isles of the Dead.
Anik: Typically, aniks choose races feared for their strength, courage, swiftness, etc, usually a predator such as a lion or wolf or an animal that is famed for its self defense abilities, like a boar or gorrilla.
Arisen, Valshock: Arisen are the intelligent undead race of Valshock but are as varied in alignment and beliefs as humans.
Elemental Pact:
Ender (Pathfinder Template):
Fey'iar: A celestial that appears as a fey, but is really an aiar
Frail: Some are born with a lack of physical strength or fortitude.
Guardian Beast, Variant: Nature, and some druid enclaves, sometimes enlist the aid of beings that normally are of animal intelligence to guard locations or protect nature.
Half-Celestial Template Class: The template class version of the classic Half-Celestial template
Megam: When an anik reaches old age after a successful career, it can become a megam.
Mercurian Herald: Mercurian Heralds were appointed by the many gods to courier information upon their will, sometimes even interplanar travel was required in order to complete such tasks.
Mystic Revenant: Mystic revenants are created when a creature dies of mystic rot, which is spread by mystic leeches and other mystic revenants.
Nymph (3.5e Race):
Soul Linked: Some mages wish to know their servants and creations' location and be able to command them wherever they might be.
Soul Vessel: Lichdom isn't the only way to cheat death. With the right rituals and equipment, you don't even need to die first.
Stigmatic: These beings are embedded with what looks like metal studs. The studs seem to glow with magic power.
Trapped One: Trapped One is a template that can be added to any corporeal creature with an intelligence of at least 13, the subject must be magically imprisoned when this template is gained.
Twins: Twins are exactly what the name stands for. They have a special link between them so they have some special powers.
Twins (Edit): Twins are exactly what the name stands for. They have a special link between them so they have some special powers.
Vampire Lord:
Vehicle: A vehicle is characterized and defined as an object that is controlled by one or more living creatures either from on top or within it and generally has no intelligence or wisdom of its own.
Werepyre: Werepyres are a mixture of werewolves and vampires they look like werewolves with black fur and red eyes.
  1. These templates do not have a defined LA; it can change when certain options are selected.
  2. These templates cannot be selected in a player character's progression, they can only be used for NPCs or creatures.
  3. These templates are most likely fairly minimal, and they do not have an LA present. Please feel free to help expand upon and help these templates.
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