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Mako Infused[edit]


Mako is wild arcane energy, that can enhance living creaturs by fusing into their bloodstream. These arcane magics grant them powerful feats of strength.

A subject infused with Mako energy is noticable at first sight. They have brilliant green eyes and a powerful physique. Their hair also increases in color saturation becoming deeper in color.

Creating a Mako Infused[edit]

Mako Infused is an aquired template that can be added to any corporeal creature. At some point in their life a Mako Infused subject becomes infused with strong amounts of arcane energy. This painful infusion of potent magic can show happen in many creative and unique ways.

Special Qualities[edit]

A Mako Infused subject gains all the benefits of being one size category larger without accually gaining any mass.


A +8 bonus to their Strength and Constitution scores.


A Mako Infused subject gains the Run feat becoming able to run at five times their base land speed.

Challenge Rating[edit]

A Mako Infused subject increases their CR by one.

Level Adjustment[edit]

A Mako Infused subject requires a +2 LA.

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