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Silver Blood[edit]

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A mostly normal looking creature, but with special powers that aid in hunting lycanthropes, vampires, and other evils of the night.


Once, long ago, the evil werewolves of the forests banded together in order to make war on humans. They wiped out many towns and villages, killing mercilessly, infecting hundreds and turning them to their cause. One such village was the home of the wizard Kelehir, who was the sole survivor. He returned from a trip to find his home town utterly destroyed, his friends and family dead, or worse. He devoted the rest of his long life to finding a way to combat the evil curse of lycanthopy. At long last, he was able to alter the curse itself to a form that would give these new bearers the ability to fight lycanthropes.


The Silver Blood appears to be a normal member of his species in sunlight or firelight. In moonlight or starlight, however, they appear to be semi-incorporeal, and they appear silvery blue. That is when they are the most powerful, gaining additional abilities and damage reduction.

Creating a Silver Blood[edit]

Silver Blood can be an aquired template or an inherited one, with no difference between the powers. It can be added to any creature with at least a 3 intelligence; however, it is most commonly found in humanoids. An creature inherits the template if either or both of its parents had it. A Silver Blood may make another willing creature into a Silver Blood, but the process does not always go well. There is a 50% failure chance, in which case the subject must make a dc20 fortitude save to avoid death. Once a creature has failed, any further attempts to give the template to that creature automatically fail.

Size and Type[edit]

No change to size or type.

Hit Dice[edit]

The Silver Blood adds 1d10 to its hit dice.


Under moonlight or starlight, the Silver Blood adds 10ft to its move speed.

Armor Class[edit]

The Silver Blood has prescience, and adds his int mod to his ac (minimum +1, max +1/hd). Anything that removes a dex bonus also removes this bonus. While under moonlight or starlight, the Silver Blood adds +2 deflection bonus to ac and has 20% concealment.


The creature retains all natural weapons and weapon abilities as the base creature. The creature also gains a natural claw-like weapon, which is always on the dominant hand and cannot be used while holding something in that hand. For a creature with 10 or more hd, the creature gains two such weapons. They are treated as silver and magical for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Also, magical enhancements may be applied to the weapon(s). The natural weapon does damage based on size as follows:

Size Damage
Fine 1
Diminutive 1d3
Tiny 1d4
Small 1d6
Medium 1d8
Large 2d6
Huge 2d8
Gargantuan 4d6
Colossal 4d8

Full Attack[edit]

For most purposes, the natural weapon may be treated as a one handed, light weapon with appropriate damage. The only exception is that it cannot be concidered the off-hand weapon when duel wielding, as the weapon is on the dominant hand.

Special Abilities[edit]

The special abilities gained depend on the number of HD the base creature has.

All Silver Bloods are able to do the following:

Flash (Ex): As a move action, the Silver Blood is able to make short range teleports with a range equal to his movement speed. He is able to do this a number of times per day equal to 2+Int Mod (minimum of 2), but no more than the HD of the creature. In moonlight or starlight, it becomes a free action. If the Silver Blood flashes next to an enemy prior to attacking that enemy, the target must make a reflex save of 10+int mod + HD. Attempting to flash to an occupied space deals 2d6 damage (bypassing damage reduction) and the creature is shunted to a random adjacent square. If there is no available adjacent square, the creature takes an additional 5d6 damage and the silver blood take a near space.

Extra-Sensory Perception(Ex): The Silver Blood is able to sense objects and creatures up to 1/2 the base creature's speed in distance. This ability is able to detect the the outlines of objects, but not their color, or any text that is not carved into a hard surface or actively being written. It works 360 degrees, can be used while blindfolded or with closed eyes, and can work half as far through walls. All targets detected in this manner are given 20% concealment.

Detect Evil (Sp): The Silver Blood of Good or Neutral Alignment is able to cast Detect Evil at will.

Detect Good (Sp): The Silver Blood of Evil Alignment is able to cast Detect Good at will.

Favored Enemy (lycanthrope and vampire) (Ex): The Silver Blood gains the ability identical to a ranger's favored enemy against lycanthropes and vampires.

Cure Lycanthropy (Ex): The Silver Blood is able to cure lycanthropy in an afflicted lycanthrope just as if he had cast remove curse. As normal, the lycanthrope then must succeed on a DC20 will save to break the curse.

Cure Vampirism (Ex): The Silver Blood is able to cure Vampirism in an afflicted vampire just as if he had cast remove curse. As normal, the vampire then must succeed on a DC20 will save to break the curse.

The following abilities are restricted by HD:

Portal Strike (Ex): The Silver Blood with 3 or more hd is able to open a small portal through which he may perform a melee attack against someone up to his movement speed away. This attack may be an unarmed attack, a grapple, or an attack with his natural weapon. Under normal conditions, this is a full round action. In moonlight or starlight, it is a standard action.

Pack Hunting (Ex): The Silver Blood with 6 or more HD may once per day as a standard action summon a number of Silver Blood animals to fight for him. These are normal animals with the Silver Blood template added. The animals arrive in 1d4 rounds and stay for up to one hour. The number of animals is as follows:

Animal number
Wolf 2d4+1
Dire Wolf 1d3
Wolverine 1d4+1
Lion 1d3
Dire Lion 1
Tiger 1d2
Dire Weasel 1d4+1
Black Bear 1d4+1
Brown Bear 1d2

Special Qualities[edit]

Damage Reduction (Ex):The creature gains damage reduction 5/magic under normal conditions, and damage reduction 10/magic under moonlight or starlight, as well as immunity to silver weapons.

Immunity (Ex):Immune to the lycanthrope and vampire affliction, energy drain, and, cannot come back as a undead spawn. Also, immune to bestow curse conjured by creatures with undead traits.

Quality Blood (Ex):A Silver Blood's blood is counted as silver. Deal extra damange, 1d6, against werewolfs and undeads like vampires if used on weapons.

Fearless Hunter (Ex):A Silver Blood's are imunne to fear due to the time they spend hunting supernatural creatures.


Int +4


The Silver Blood gains survival as a class skill, and gains a +8 bonus to survival skill check when tracking lycanthropes or vampires. In moonlight or starlight, the Silver Blood gains +6 to hide, move silently, spot, and listen checks. He also gains +2 to all initiative rolls.


Track, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, and one bonus feat.


Same as base creature, but roam farther.


Solitary, or hunting party of 4-6

Challenge Rating[edit]

1hd, +1; 2-4hd, +2; 5-10hd, +3; >10hd, +4.






either by HD or character class.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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