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The mutant is a template that can be applied to any base creature. This is designed to emulate Marvel Comic Mutants for D&D 3.5 and D20 modern. It's a great way to augment creatures or player characters. Concept: The Mutant is an advancement in the evolution of the creatures of the universe. As they evolve their new found prowess manifests in new and startling ways.

Creating a Mutant[edit]

This is an acquired template, it can be given to any creature at anytime.

Size and Type[edit]

Type changes to Monstrous Humanoid

Hit Dice[edit]



Armor Class[edit]


Full Attack[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Special Qualities[edit]

LA +4, gain Low Light vision, proficiency with natural weapons (if applicable).

+4 to two ability scores. Roll three times, if you roll the same thing more than once re-roll.

Table 1-1
1d100 Result
0-10 Immune to Poisons and Disease
11-21 Immune to Mind Affecting spells, SLA, supernatural abilities, or Extraordinary abilities (including illusions and shadow descriptor spells)
22-32 DR ( 1+Con Modifier; 1-2 Roll on the table below to determine what type)
33-43 SR (15+Level) or Elemental Resistance (choose one element gain Resistance 15+Level)
44-54 Supernatural or Extraordinary ability (2-2 roll on the table below)
55-65 Natural Armor (1+Con Modifier)
66-76 Fast Healing (1+Con Modifier)
77-87 Regeneration (1+Con Modifier)
88-98 Psionics (1+Int Modifier psionic abilities, as per Psion of appropriate level equaling your LA, gain Power Point Pool as per a Psion. This

ability grants access to psionic templates. This stacks with other psionic classes for determining total psionic power level known, power points, and abilities.)

99-100 Gain an extra ability from the list above.
Table 1-2
1d100 Result
0-10 Magic
11-21 Cold Iron
22-32 Adamantine
33-43 Silver
44-54 +1
55-65 +2
66-76 +3
77-87 Element of your choice(storm)
88-98 DR universal (as per Adamantine DR)
99-100 reroll.
Table 2-2
1d100 Result
0-7 Gain three maneuvers as per Swordsage/Warblade/Cruesader (your choice) of LA level equivalent.
8-15 Natural weapons (claws, tail, bite attack) does damage as per appropriate for a creature of your size.
16-24 Elemental Control (as per the psionic or spell; choose one: Control Water, Control Fire, Control Earth, Control Wind)
25-35 Heightened Senses (gain permanent Blindsight or Tremorsense, gain +4 to spot and listen checks)
36-46 Fly (Roll again 0-49% is Winged, 50-100% is not winged, speed is twice your ground speed average maneuverability).
47-57 Super Strength (gain a +15 to your strength ability score)
58-65 Super Speed (gain supernatural speed as per the Quickling)
66-71 Elasticity (Gain reach as a extraordinary ability, +5 to your current reach, +5/ every 5 levels there after).
72-78 Mental Purity (automatically make all Will Saves)
79-85 Premonition (Gain Divination as a SU ability, +4 to initiative)
86-90 Magnetist (Gain control over magnetic items ~ treat as greater telekinesis but for only metal

objects; gain the ability to Slow any metal projectile fired at you.)

91-95 Supernatural Acrobatics (Gain +10 to Jump, Climb, Balance, and Tumble, gain Spiderclimb)
96-100 Re-roll twice, gain both abilities.

The creature retains all special qualities and abilities and gains the above as described.


Racial skills are gained based on specific mutant traits (such as Knowledge Psionics if you gain the psionics abilities, Use Psi-Device, etc Skill points are 4+int modifier X4 at first level, 4+int modifier * 3 for the remaining levels of the level adjustment. All physical skills are considered class skills, this includes Spot, Listen, Move Silently and Hide.


If applied at 1st level, the creature gains one feat for the total Level Adjustment plus any bonus feats otherwise granted from the base creature. Humans will have two.





Challenge Rating[edit]

Base CR +4






By Character Class or HD

Level Adjustment[edit]


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