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Hellspawn are creatures coming from the infernal planes; they have generally red skin and horns, as well as claws.

Creating a Hellspawn[edit]

This template is an acquired template or an inherited template; it can be added to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid.

Size and Type[edit]

Size remain the same.

Hit Dice[edit]

No change to the creature HD


No change.

Armor Class[edit]

Gain +2 to Natural AC


Gain a claw attack and retain the ability to use weaponry.

Full Attack[edit]

A hellspawn fighting without weapons uses both claws when making a full attack. If armed with a weapon, if it has a hand free, it uses a claw as an natural secondary attack.

Damage: Hellspawn have claw attacks. If the base creature does not have these attack forms, use the damage values in the table below. Otherwise, use the values below or the base creature’s damage values, whichever are greater.

A hellspan

Size Claw Damage
Fine _
Diminutive 1
Tiny 1d2
Small 1d3
Medium 1d4
Large 1d6
Huge 1d8
Gargantuan 2d6
Colossal 3d6

Special Qualities[edit]

Special Qualities: A hellspawn retains all the special qualities of the base creature and also gains the following.

  • Darkvision out to 60 feet. May see in magical darkness.
  • Damage reduction 5/Good.
  • Resistance to cold and fire 5.
  • Spell resistance equal to the creature’s HD (maximum 20).
  • Transformation: A Hellspawn can transform to make his body look like it is on fire, this gives the Hellspawn full immunity to fire and +10 str, this ability can be used once a day per 4 levels. This multiplies the hellspawns natural weapon by 1/2 of its current level.


+2 Strength, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma


As the base creature.


No Change.


Dark environment.


As the base creature.

Challenge Rating[edit]

As the Base creature +2




Any non good


No change

Level Adjustment[edit]


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