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Infused with eldritch blood, driven by madness, the Black-Blooded slowly travel to their ends.

Black-Blooded creatures have had the foul blood of an ancient being from beyond time, a being with no name, intermixed with their own. A Black-Blooded creature is made more hardy and resilient due to the ancient power within the blood. The Black-Blooded creature is cursed with madness and tends to have trouble communicating in a way that is easy for the sane to understand; they can often be found amongst those serving the eldritch beings of the Far Realms.

Creating a Black-Blooded[edit]

A creature can inherit or gain this template. In order to gain this template the creature must have the black blood mixed with its own blood stream; this can occur through blood injection or by having it enter a body orifice. A creature with a parent that was Black-Blooded during conception automatically has a 50% chance of inheriting the Black-Blooded template. The black blood must interact with the living blood inside of a creature; thus undead,constructs, and other similar beings cannot inherit, acquire or retain this template.

Size and Type[edit]

A Black-Blooded creature's outward appearance and size do not change from the base creature. The creature gains the ousider (native) type.

Hit Dice[edit]

The Black Blood strengthens and enhances all bodily systems; all Hit Dice the Black-Blooded creature gains after acquiring this template are increased one die size, to a maximum of d12.


The Black-Blooded creature's speed does not change.

Armor Class[edit]

The Black Blood reacts on its own accord to protect the host creature, flooding the tissues of the body and hardening momentarily. A Black-Blooded creature's Natural Armor improves by 1 per HD/level (max 10) due to the Black-Blood's ability to harden at will.


A Black-Blooded creature retains all of the attacks of the base creature, but does not gain any new ones (See Special Qualities) .

Full Attack[edit]

A Black-Blooded creature's full attack is unchanged from the base creature's full attack.

Special Attacks[edit]

A Black-Blooded creature gains one special attack (See Special Qualities).

Special Qualities[edit]

Removing the Black-Blooded template from a creature requires two Wish/Miracle effects, the first to cause the Black Blood to go dormant for one round per HD/level of the caster and the second to remove it. When removed the Black Blood causes 1d4 damage per HD/level of the infected creature as the blood struggles to stay, grasping at every vein and artery.

A Black-Blooded creature gains the following special abilities:

Blood Control (EX): When a Black-Blooded creature is damaged they automatically get an attack of opportunity against the attacking creature, if within a 5 foot range. The attack is considered piercing with a medium size weapon at the creature's BAB, dealing 1d4 + CON modifier damage. The attack counts as a mgical weapon for damage reduction, at 20th level/HD it becomes epic. A struck target may make a Fortitude save against a DC 10 + Black-Blooded character level/HD; success idicates no further result. Failing the save forces the injured target to roll percentile (equal to damage done) or become infected with the Black Blood and gaining this template. It takes a one month gestational period before the creature has access to the template bonuses; after the incubation period the Black-Blooded automatically gains all benefits it qualifies for; gaining the rest as it meets the requirements for them.

Depths of Madness (EX): A creature with Black-Blood has had madness and dark thoughts brought so close to the surface of its mind that it becomes fearless and maniacally driven (immune to fear, insanity and confusion effects).

Blood Weapon (EX): As a swift action, a Black-Blooded with 4 or more Hit Dice, may create a solid blade composed of its own blood. The blade is identical in all ways (except visually) to any slashing or piercing weapon it has proficiency with, or a dagger if no other is applicable. The creature takes damage when initially creating the weapon as it emerges thru his skin; he takes 1d4 damage for a light weapon, 1d8 for a one-handed weapon and 1d12 for a two-handed weapon based on creature size. The weapon is considered magic for damage reduction,with a +1 bonus for every 4HD/level,and becomes epic at 20 HD/levels.


competence bonus to attack rolls and damage: +1

Fortitude: +2

Reflex: +2

Will: +2

STR +2

DEX +2

CON +2

INT +2

WIS +2

CHA +2


A Black-Blooded creature gains no skill modifiers.


Black-Blooded Creature gains no additional feats.


Black-Blooded creature are normally found anywhere that madness is prominent, but can be found anywhere trying to bring madness to new locations.


Black-Blooded creatures normally don't belong to any organizations but can be found sometimes in radical groups with extreme, chaotic points of view.

Challenge Rating[edit]

HD 1-8 (CR+2); HD 9 or more (CR+3)


A Black-Blooded creatures treasure does not change from the base creature.


Black-Blooded creatures are driven by madness and are usually chaotic.


A Black-Blooded creature advances the same as the base creature.

Level Adjustment[edit]

+1 Level Adjustment

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