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Improved Vermin[edit]

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Some vermin become greater than others of their species. These are improved vermin; vermin which are stronger, more dextrous and tougher than others, as well as more intelligent (even gaining the ability to take class levels).

Creating a Improved Vermin[edit]

Improved vermin is an aquired template that can be applied to any vermin creature (referred to herafter as the "base creature"). An improved vermin uses all the base creature's statistics, except as noted here.

Armor Class[edit]

The creature gains a natural armor bonus of +2, or it's existing natural armor bonus improves by 2.


The creature can make multiple attacks with it's primary natural weapon when it makes a full-attack (so long as it does not attack with any other natural attack), albeit at a -5 penalty per additional attack.


The creature gains an intelligence score of 3, and gains a bonus to strength, dexterity and constitution of +2. The creature retains it's immunity to mind-affecting spells or effects.


The creature gains the ability to aquire skill points at each level.


The creature gains the ability to aquire feats (1 per 3 Hit Dice). The creature gains no hit dice due to it's current Hit Dice, but gains a feat as if it where a 1st level character if it takes levels in a class.

Challenge Rating[edit]

The creatures CR increases by 1.


By character Class.

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