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At one with Music

Music is a magic of its own. Most humans can, in their short lives, only begin to scratch the surface of the magic of the soul that music represents. For the Aanan, however, magic is as simple as breathing.

Very rarely (less than once a human generation) a settlement may give birth to a son or daughter that has a very special gift, and a curse: perfect pitch and superhuman hearing, coupled with total blindness. These Aanan are born to human parents and most go unrecognized for their whole lives unless a particularly learned person encounters them, or their bardic training leads them to discover signs of their own people, their ability to perceive the world around them put down to knowledge and experience.

No one knows what causes this to occur, although many speculate it could be some form of planetouched factor. Aanan can mate with humanoid and the children of such a union are perfectly normal humanoids. These offspring do not even breed true with another Aanan. There is no family that shows any inclination towards such births, in fact written records seldom go back far enough to record a second. There is no way short of divination magic, such as commune, of telling a blind humanoid from a Aanan.

Although it rarely comes up, the plural of Aanan is Aanan, much like sheep.

Aanan do not stumble around as other blind men do; their superhuman hearing is speculated to act as a form of echolocation, allowing them to act much in the capacity of sighted beings.

Aanan tend to get on well with other Inhumans as they are a world apart form humans. They do well with races that appreciate good music as well. Races that are loud, boorish, or crude tend to irritate or outright anger Aanan.

Aanan tend to be welcomed by religions for their musical talent. They have no specific preference.

Creating an Aanan[edit]

Aanan is inherited template that can be added to any Fey, Giant, Humanoid, and Monstrous Humanoid with no class levels. after inheriting the template the creature can get class levels

Size and Type[edit]

The BAB for each current and future HD is at least avarage. Will Save for each current and future HD is always good. Skill points for each current and future HD are always 6 + Int modifier

Hit Dice[edit]

All current and future HD is at least d6s.

Special Qualities[edit]

  • Blind(Ex): All Aanan are naturally blind. This can never be cured because it is not an injury or illness.
  • Life Rhythms (Ex): Aanan can find their way about by hearing alone. They have blind sense 240ft and blind sight 60ft.


+4 Cha -2 Str


Aanan gain a +8 bonus on listen checks and can always take 10 on them. They also gain a +4 bonus on perform checks using music.


As normal creatures of their race


Occasionally a settlement of Aanans may begin to grow but the settlement tends to stay small.

Challenge Rating[edit]

ELC rarely changes.



Level Adjustment[edit]

LA is Base Creature's LA+1.

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