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Homunculus (3.5e Template)[edit]

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Homunculus is born when a clone creation fails. They look, talk, act, and even have the memories of the person they have replicate, but have a twisted outlook on life.They are born with a gnawing void in their soul that slowly consumes them, causing them to strive to become whole again. They tend to use everyone around them like pawns in order to achieve that goal. On the rare occasion though, there are some Homunculi who love their newfound power, and scoff at the thought being reverted back into a lower life form. While they tend to be callous and keep to themselves, they tend to be an ordinary individual. Homunculi are known to look down at everything else as an inferior being.

Creating a Homunculus[edit]

Size and Type[edit]

The failed clone of the creature type is construct. The failed clone doesn't gain the augmented subtype

Hit Dice[edit]

All hit dies change to d12


50 feet. if the basic creature is faster, the homunculus will have speed as the basic creature

Armor Class[edit]

Homunculus +2 racial bonus to ac

Special Qualities[edit]

  • Proficient with all simple weapons
  • Can not use spells, psion powers, spell-like abilities and psi-like abilities of any kind.
  • Immortal: If you are killed, you are automatically revived in 24 hours unless someone destorys his/her heart.
  • Homunculus gains a natural regeneration of your cha mod x 2 after a round of not attacking or attempting to attack. They cannot gain any extra HP past their full HP. If using your healing would put you past your full HP, then you stop at your max. You may also grow back any limbs you have lost 5 rounds after they are lost. If you were to suffer severe trauma (e.g., you have your head cut off or you are cut in half), as long as the damage does not take you beyond negative 10, you do not have to roll for a system shock, and your body will fully repair itself the round after it suffered the trauma.
  • Resistances (Ex): A homunculus has resistance to cold 10, fire 10 and electricity 10.


+2 Dex, +4 Cha, -2 Wis


Homunculus have a +2 racial bonus on Listen (Wis), +2 racial bonus on Survival (Wis)


Homunculus gain Blind-Fight and 1 additional feat like humans receive.


As creator


None or as creator

Challenge Rating[edit]

If the creature don't have magical abilities, the ECL is same as the base creature +2. Else the ECL is as base creature -3.




Any, or same as Original creature the homunculus was intended to replicate.

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