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Possessed Vessel[edit]

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When a creature is possessed by an Outsider, they become one being.

Throughout history there have been stories of possession. Not only of ghost possessing creatures, but of demons and sometimes even angels. A Possession of this kind is rare, but considerably more powerful then a simple ghost possessing a creature. Angels, Demons, Devils, and other Outsiders, of high enough power are capable of entering a spiritual form, similar to the magic jar spell, through meditation, and possess a creature on the material plane. While an Outsider can only do this from their home plane, it offers a way for them to intervene directly without being seen or endangered. While this is only rumored, some mortals have managed to gain full control over the possession. Gaining the power for their own and forcing the spirit, the outsider, to stay within them.

What is a Possessed Vessel?[edit]

When an Outsider of sufficient power wishes to influence the Material Plane without directly putting themselves in harms way, they attempt to possess a creature. This takes several hours of meditation on the home plane of the Possessing Creature, which when successful causes the Possessing Creature's body to disintegrate. Some creatures willing want to be possessed, such as religious creatures praying to angels or cultists worshiping evil demons. Many well known possessions are forced onto unwilling creatures by evil outsiders, but there are stories of angels seeking a willing vessel to battle some great evil. Unintelligent creatures will always be unwilling to possession.

Unwilling creatures can make an opposed will save against the Possessing Creature, but must succeed a number of times equal to half of the Possessing Creature's charisma modifier. If the Base Creature succeeds all the will saves, then they can no longer be possessed by that particular Outsider. If the Base Creature fails it's will save, then the Possessing Creature can compel the Base Creature to do whatever it wants, to the best of the Base Creature's ability, aside from killing itself.

Creating a Possessed Vessel[edit]

This is an acquired template that can be taken on when an Outsider meditates on their home plane to possess a creature on the Material Plane. The base creature must be a Humanoid, Monstrous Humanoid, Animal, Giant, Dragon, Undead, or Magical Beast, while the possessing creature must be a Celestial, Fiend, or an Outsider.

Size and Type[edit]

The base creature's type does not change, but the base creature gains the Air, Chaotic, Earth, Evil, Fire, Good, Lawful, and/or Water if the possessing creature had the subtype.

Hit Dice[edit]

The Possessing Creature must have at least 6 or more racial hit dice, otherwise it does not have the ability to possess a creature on the Material Plane. The base creature gains half of the possessing creature's hit dice. The base creature's BAB increases by the amount of hit dice gained.


The Base Creature's speed remains unchanged.

Armor Class[edit]

The base creature gains a natural armor bonus equal to half of the possessing creature's natural armor bonus.


The base creature retains any natural weapons it had before acquiring the template, and can still wield any manufactured weapons it could before. If the Possessing Creature fully possesses the Base Creature, then the Base Creature gains any weapon proficiency the Possessing Creature has, if the Base Creature has the ability to use such weapons.

Full Attack[edit]


Special Attacks[edit]

The Possessed Vessel retains all the Special Attacks of the Base Creature. The Possessed Vessel gains a number of Special Attacks and Special Qualities equal to half of the Charisma modifier of the Possessing creature. (Meaning a Possessed Vessel possessed by a Angel with a Charisma or 22 would gain 3 Special Abilities from the Angel's Special Attacks/Qualities. Immunities are counted as one ability)

Special Qualities[edit]

(See Above)


All of the creature's ability scores stay the same.


Same as Base Creature.


Same as Base Creature.


Material Plane.


Usually Solitary.

Challenge Rating[edit]

The challenge rating of the Base creature increases by +0


As Base Creature, plus certain items based on the abilities of the Possessing Creature (Such as a Balor's Vorpal Sword)


True Neutral. While the Base Creature is aware of what is happening, it acts according to the Possessing Creature's desires. So it technically doesn't have the alignment of either creature. If a spell revealing the Possessed Creature's alignment is used, then it reveals the alignment of the Possessing Creature or the Base Creature (50/50 chance)


The Base Creature is treated as compelled by the Possessing Creature, and gains experience accordingly. It gains either class levels or hit dice as the Base Creature would.

Level Adjustment[edit]

Equal to the increase in challenge rating.

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