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"As I watched them battle, no weapon clashed or sparked, like an invisible force was the blade. I began to look harder and a spirit hung over them like ghosts locked in battle using them as vessels." - Jarok Yankov, Confused Onlooker

Every village, Society, or Organization has at least two or three of them in the midst. They have the ability to call forth and hone the energy from spirits. They have no other loyalty to the outside world then the pact with the spirits that they make. In return the spirits listen to their masters, and do not sway from the path of evil or righteousness, whichever the master chooses. Because of these unities that the Shaman and Spirit share, the Shaman spends many years to hone his own abilities to even communicate, without fail, with the undead and unseen. At this sacrifice the Shamans do not have much physical strength to fight, but no great sacrifice goes unrewarded, when a Spirit chooses a master, the Shaman's aura radiates with more potency than before. To make up the lost strength, Shamans honed their dexterity and body training to evade and survive attacks, to carry on the work that is intended for the new partnership.

Creating a Shaman[edit]

This template is inherited, not acquired. This template can be applied to any intelligent, living creature (excluding, Golems, Oozes, Undead, etc...)

Size and Type[edit]

Same as Base Creature

Hit Dice[edit]

Add 2d8


Same as Base Creature

Armor Class[edit]

Same as Base Creature


No Weapon Proficiency, Light Armor Proficiency only (unless otherwise stated)

Full Attack[edit]

Same as rules per 3.5e (unless otherwise stated)

Special Attacks[edit]

Same as Base Creature (unless otherwise stated)

Special Qualities[edit]

See Incorpreal (Shamans have gained the ability to sense and see others spirits, which can never be hidden unless they have moved on)


-6 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Int, +4 Cha


Shamans gain a race skill called "Spirit Unity", Humans gain a +4 (due to their resilient and ever changing spirits), other creatures gain a +2


Gains an additional one Bonus Feat


Same as Base Creature


Solo, or a Tribe of Three

Challenge Rating[edit]

Same as Base Creature plus Lv. Adj.


Same as Base Creature


Shamans are Any Lawful, because they are bound by the "Pact" they make with their Spirit Companion


Same as Normal Advancement

Level Adjustment[edit]


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