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This creature template is intended to be used as part of the Fortress Celestia Campaign Setting as a form of the aiar creature subtype.

Creating a ghostlie[edit]

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Ghostlies are the petitioners of the Isles of the Dead. All glows herded or transported to the Isles of the Dead become ghostlies.

The ghostlie template can be applied to any creature with a soul, even the undead, outsiders, etc.

The template's base creature is the dead (or destroyed, if undead) creature whose soul is being transported in glow form, with any lost ability score points, levels, hit points, equipment, etc., restored, but with all physical injuries present and unhealed. Yes, this can get a little wierd depending on the state the creature was in when it died or was destroyed.

In game terms, a ghostlie is identical to the base creature in every way, except as follows:

Type, Size, etc.[edit]

Type is changed to outsider. The old type is changed to a subtype with the "former" modifier; the incorporeal subtype is also added.

Size and shape are unchanged. The ghostlie's body is completely incorporeal and becomes semi - transparent. The body takes on the appearance of any clothes, armor, etc, the base creature was wearing at the time of death. While they appear to be ordinary equippment in an incorpeal state, they are actually part of the ghostlie's body. If the ghostlie has a severed limb, drops its sword, etc, the dropped bodily part dissolves and is lost forever, but if beheaded the head and body remain. The ghostlie must carry the head with it to move about.

As a ghostlie remains on the Isles of the Dead, it can change its appearance to match what it looked like days or even years before its death. For each day spent in the Isles of the Dead, it "remembers" its appearance for a month further into the past and can change its appearance to match any instant in that time up to once per day. For example, after 1 week it can change its appearance to match any instant in the last 7 months.


Ghostlies are essentially hopeless in a fight, but they can startle an unprepared foe.

  • All spell - like abilities and other magical and magic - like abilities are lost.
  • All attacks do no damage.
  • The character cannot wear non - incorporeal clothing or pick up any solid object, including weapons, pen and paper, etc. The moment an object having any weight or which is blown by the wind is supported in midair by a ghostlie, it simply falls through the ghostlies body. Weapons which do not normally harm incorporeal beings pass right through in the same manner. This does no harm to the ghostlie, but the experience is somewhat unpleasant.
  • any armor class bonuses or penalties due to natural armor or worn armor are lost.
  • Hit points are reduced to 1 hp. Hit dice are not affected. Any damage completely destroys the ghostlie, but it will reform as a glow 2-24 hours later if within the Isles of the Dead or if there are skyfish nearby.

Spook (Ex)

A ghostlie can attempt to frighten an opponent by a mock charge. To succeed, the ghostlie must deliberately launch an attack that results in part of the ghostlie's body being inside it's target's space. The victim may make a DC 11 Will save or suffer the affects of a fear spell. The save DC is wisdom - based. Optionally, the ghostlie can add its pre - ghostlie CR and charisma to the DC, and the victim can subtract its CR (or ECL), wisdom score, and the number of times it has been spooked before.

Example: Nekssa, a marilith ghostlie, is being taunted by Ambassador Azagol, a pit fiend, and Mook, his hamatula valet. Her CR was 17 before she was slain and she has cha 22 for a total base DC of 50. Mook has a CR of 11 and a wisdom of 14, and has been spooked once before so he must make a DC 24 will save. The ambassador has a CR of 20, a wisdom of 27, and has been spooked four times before, so he automatically makes the save.

Turnable (Sp)

Ghostlies are subject to turning, rebuking, or controlling attempts. A controlled or destroyed result causes the ghostlie to vanish, but it will reform as a glow 2-24 hours later if within the Isles of the Dead or if there are skyfish nearby.

Challenge Rating and Level Adjustment[edit]

CR is changed to 1.

Level Adjustment +0.


None. They can't carry any treasure anyway.

Environment and Organization[edit]

Ghostlies are promoted from glows on the Isles of the Dead, in Fortress Celestia. They cannot leave the isles until recruited or destroyed / demoted to glow. Ghostlies are herded by skyfish and other aiar into villages of 500 - 2500; within the villages, the ghostlies tend to be either solitary or move about in small groups of 2-7.


By recruitment.

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