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Alpha Creature[edit]

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An alpha creature is the absolute best of the type of creature it is.

An alpha creature is very dangerous compared to a normal creature of its type. it's average try is as good as a normal creature's best work

Creating an Alpha Creature[edit]

The alpha template is an inherited template that can be added to any animate creature.

Size and Type[edit]

Size and type don't change, but it gains BAB as a fighter and all good saves

Hit Dice[edit]

An alpha creature has maximum hp per dice


Speed does not change.

Armor Class[edit]

Armor does not change


The base creature does not gain or lose any attacks, but it gets a +10 racial bonus to hit. Base damage increases by the average of the dice for weapons.( 2d6+str bonus damage becomes 2d6+7+str bonus)

Full Attack[edit]

full attack gains the same to hit and damage bonus as above.

Special Attacks[edit]

The Base creature doesn't gain or lose any attacks, But it gains +10 to hit and increased damage as above for all attacks involving die rolls.

Special Qualities[edit]

No change, except for defenses requiring it to roll anything, on which it gets bonuses equal to the average of the die


All scores before modification are increased to 18.(usually +7 to odd scores, +8 to even ones)


An alpha creature has 8+int modifier skill points per hit die.


An alpha creature is not granted any feats, but may take epic feats if it meets their prerequisites, regardless of it's hit dice


Same as base creature.


Alpha creatures typically are leaders of groups or single creatures, they don't usually get along well with other alphas, with a few exceptions.

Challenge Rating[edit]

Double base creature.


As base creature, but using tables for its higher CR


Same as base creature


Same as base creature

Level Adjustment[edit]


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