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Member of the Unity[edit]

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The Unity is a group of psychics who draw on each other to improve and gain psychic abilities.

The Unity seeks to unite the whole multiverse into one, pure, psychic body. When near each other their powers grow and they gain new abilities, but also feel the death of the nearby members of the Unity. While the Advent seeks to destroy all who do not join the Unity, the Unity itself is more patient and kind, not discriminating over who joins. Their ultimate goal is ascension to a higher plane of being, power, and existence. Once a creature has joined the Unity their eyes glow with an inner white light, and they seem to have a nifty voice echo effect as well.

Creating a member of the Unity[edit]

This acquired template may be added to any creature with an Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores of at least 8. Joining requires the assistance of a member, who enters the creatures mind and links it with the rest of the Unity.

Size and Type[edit]

Size remain the same, type changes to Psionic. Do not recalculate anything.

Hit Dice[edit]

HD remains unchanged


Speed remains unchanged

Armor Class[edit]

AC remains unchanged


The motU retains the ability to use any and all weapons prior to joining

Full Attack[edit]

For the most part, remains unchanged

Special Attacks[edit]

Cloud Mind (Ps): The members of the Unity can cloud and toy with the minds of their enemies. The target must make a will save (DC 10 +HD/2 +Wisdom modifier) or suffer a random effect for 1d4+1 rounds. This ability costs one power point. The effects are:

  • -2 to all d20 rolls
  • The target believes a random person is now on the other side (Enemy is now a friend, and vice versa)
  • The target stands there with a confused look on his face. He is stunned and thus flat-footed, though attacking a target in this effect allows them to break free from it
  • The target attacks the closest moving object with no regard to personal safety. If not applicable then he acts as the 3rd effect until an object moves or the time is up
  • The target loses a random sense: touch, sight, smell, or hearing.
  • The target receives the 3rd effect this round, but next round gets to make a new save

Strength of the Unity (Ps): The Unity fights best when standing together. When multiple motU are fighting with each other, not against, they receive bonuses to attack rolls and dodge AC, and must be within 30 feet of another to receive the bonus. The bonus is +1 for every other motU in the whole: 2 members is +1, 10 is +9, 100 is +99, and so on. Being part of the whole is optional, you may chose to not be apart of it thus not counting towards the bonus or receiving it.

Special Qualities[edit]

Ability Link (Ps): The motU can lend to each abilities that the others don't have. Through them, they allow their brothers and sister to use their special abilities. Example: A Unity Paladin allows his fellow brother a use of his Smite Evil. The brother uses Smite Evil as if the Paladin used it, and the Paladin loses that use of Smite Evil for that day. This ability only works with spells, spell-like, powers, psi-like, and supernatural abilities, and can only be used with other members of the Unity.

Communal Thought (Ps): The Unity can comunicate with each other in close procimity with each other. Any motU within a number of miles equal to their Wisdom score are under the Telepathy effect.

Communal Manifesting (Ps): The Unity can agument each others psychic powers with ease. If one motU is using a psionic power that another motU also poscesses, the two may share the casting. Casting times longer then a few rounds are devided evenly among the whole, as well as the power point cost. For the effects of the power the whole uses the highest ability and level and/or HD of a member in the whole. Example: 4 members of the Unity are attempting to use Psionic Divination. They join in hands and begin the manifesting ritual. Normally the power takes 10 minutes, but due to their combined efforts the power manifests in 3 minutes, and they all pay 2 power points. Since one of the members of the whole is 3 levels higher then the others, his level is used for determining the accureacy of the information.

Unity's Sarrow (Ps): When a motU is within telepathic distance with another motU, and one of them dies, the effect if horrendious. First off, all the nearby surrounding members feel the death(s), and must make a will save (DC 10 +HD of fallen member 1, +HD of fallen member 2, etc) or take (total wisdom modifer of all the fallen)d6 sub-duel damage. Secondly, for the next week the motU who felt the death receives a -2 per death felt to all d20 rolls.

Procognition (Ps): The motU gains his Wisdom modifer to his dodge AC


When someone first enters the Unity they have a +2 bonus to Intelligence and Wisdom. However, due to everyone in the Unity seeming to act like everyone else, new members lose 4 Charisma.


+4 to Concentration, Know (Psionics), Psicraft, and Use Psionic Device.


The Unity could be anywhere, but ussually near civilization.


The Unity commits itself to the whole. Everything they do is for the good of its members. Their ulitmate goal is ascending to a higher plane of existence, but that requires lots of psychic power, and the easist path to psychic power is to have the entire multiverse join the Unity. There are rumors of very powerful Unity members ascending all by themselves, but then why have they not assisted in ascending everyone else?

Challenge Rating[edit]



Ussually any nuetral


Level Adjustment[edit]


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