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Mutant creatures which possess strange unique powers, formed by someone with the Craft Mutant feat.

Creating a Mutant[edit]

This template is an acquired template that can be applied to any corporeal living creature.

Size and Type[edit]

Type changes to Aberration, good Will saves, 2+Int skill points, and base attack bonus becomes that as a cleric. Size does not change.

Hit Dice[edit]

Racial HD change to d8.

Special Attacks[edit]

The base creature loses all supernatural special attacks, and spell-like abilities.

Special Qualities[edit]

The base creature loses all special qualities, but have new ones formed in its place.

Mutants are varied and unique, each having powers of their own. When created, a mutant may select 3 powers off the list of the spellborg template, but they are all Ex abilities (except for Force Shell, Magical Adept, Failsafe Trigger, and Hammerspace which remain Su). They are not the result of magical grafts but rather, strange mutations in the genome.

Additional powers can be added after the fact. See below in Creating a Mutant.





Challenge Rating[edit]

+1 plus +1 every three additional powers.




Usually as creator.


See Creating a Mutant.

Level Adjustment[edit]


Creating a Mutant[edit]

A mutant can be grown by means of the Craft Mutant feat, requiring a DC 15 Heal check to stabilize and begin the growing process in a protective tank or shell. The base cost for the body is listed below.

  • Tiny or smaller: 500gp
  • Small: 1,000gp
  • Medium: 2,000gp
  • Large: 5,000gp
  • Huge: 10,000gp
  • Gargantuan: 25,000gp
  • Colossal: 50,000gp

In addition, additional powers from the spellborg template can be added at additional cost. The process is similar to enhancing armor or weapons, but the cost is Bonus Squared x 1500g. The base body is considered the pre-requisite +1.

  • 1 Additional Power: 6,000gp
  • 2 Additional Powers: 13,500gp
  • 3 Additional Powers: 24,000gp
  • 4 Additional Powers: 37,500gp
  • 5 Additional Powers: 54,000gp
  • 6 Additional Powers: 73,500gp
  • 7 Additional Powers: 96,000gp
  • 8 Additional Powers: 121,500gp
  • 9 Additional Powers: 150,000gp

Additional powers beyond the effective "+10" cannot be made before epic.

The market price of a mutant creature is equal to the cost of the body, the cost of extra powers, plus 2,500gp per hit die, and the cost to create is equal to the cost of the body, the cost of extra powers, plus 1,250gp and 120xp per hit die, and creating a mutant requires a caster level equal to the mutant's hit dice.

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