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More information...

Creating a -- Siren -->[edit]

-- This is inherited. -->

Size and Type[edit]

-- Their is no size change -->

Hit Dice[edit]

-- Sirens get one more HD -->


--Sirens have a swim speed of 60ft -->

Armor Class[edit]

-- Sirens have a +2 NA -->


-- Sirens have a bite (d4 damage) and two claws (d2 damage) -->

Full Attack[edit]

-- One bite attack and two claw attacks -->

Special Attacks[edit]

-- Siren venom:When the siren hits with a melee attack the attack deals d4 extra poison damage. -->

Special Qualities[edit]

-- The siren can hold her breath for days equal to its Con mod -->


-- sirens get +2 cha and dex -->


--Sirens get +4 to survival checks -->


-- They get improved toughness as a bonus feat (they also get the racial HD to) -->


-- They can be found anywhere but are commonly by water -->


-- They don't have a society not many of them live in groups -->

Challenge Rating[edit]

-- +2 -->


-- Nothing -->


-- Any -->


-- As class -->

Level Adjustment[edit]

-- +2 -->

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