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Worgen are cursed humanoids that look like a Wolf Lycanthrope in hybrid form.

A Worgen was once a humanoid creature, now cursed to be half beast. They have a hard time retaining their sanity, and can spread the curse like a slow disease to other humanoids.

Creating a Worgen[edit]

Worgen is an acquired template that can only be applied to any non-undead humanoids.

Size and Type[edit]

Size remains the same, but type changes to Magical Beast. Do not recalculate bab, saves, hp, or the like.

Hit Dice[edit]

Hit Dice remain the same.


Speed remains the same as before.

Armor Class[edit]

No changes to Armor Class


The base creature loses any natural weapons it had before the transformation and gains claw and bite attacks for a Magical Beast of its size.

Full Attack[edit]

1 bite Attack, 1 claw attack, and one one-handed weapon, OR 1 bite attack and 1 two handed weapon, OR 1 bite attack and 2 claw attacks.

Special Attacks & Qualities[edit]

Use common sense to determine what abilities the base creature loses, but most should remain. The Worgen also gains the following:

  • Running Wild (Ex): When on all fours, the Worgen has a base land speed of 5 times his Strength Modifier. If charging on all fours, it gains a +2 bonus to it's attack roll.
  • Scent (Ex): May use the Scent ability
  • Curse of the Worgen (Su): The Worgen are half beast, and the beast is constantly attempting to take control. At the start of the day, during stressful situations, or when ever your loving and caring GM says so, make a will save DC 15 +years you've been Worgen +your level. If you fail, your alignment turns to Chaotic Evil (if already CE, then act even evil'R) and Intelligence drops to 6, and each hour after losing your will make a new will save at the same DC. Once you succeed you fall unconscious for a 1d4 hours and then awake with nothing more then flashes and nightmares of what happened when the beast was in control.

You may stave off the beast by drinking a concoction consisting of: some blood of your original race, some of your fur, ground garlic, wolfsbane, and all mixed and boiled for a few hours in Holy water. This concoction will stave of the beast for a week, though each time you consume it you will need more the next time for it to be effective.

  • Longevity (Ex): Being Worgen has doubled your lifespan.
  • Loyal to the Pack (Ex): Despite the Worgens alignment, they have this overwhelming urge to put the pack first. If the pack is in serious danger, the Worgen receives +1 circumstance bonus to all dice rolls when aiding in their rescue, and if enchanted or otherwise forced to do something that would harm the pack, the Worgen adds his HD to the save. The Worgen's "pack" is his family, close friends, and the like.
  • Strong Blood (Ex): Having the Worgen Curse has had an unexpected side effect. The Worgen has resistance to disease and poisons, thus a +3 to saves against disease and poison effects.


+4 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence. Worgen are very strong and agile, but constantly fighting with the beast inside has made them less intelligent. Those born Worgen do not have the Intelligence penalty.


+4 to Climb, Intimidate, Spot, Listen, Swim, and Survival checks.


No change.


You can find Worgen deep in dark, scary forests, hiding out in abandoned forts and castles.


Worgen are very much like a wolf, and will create packs with an Alpha male at the head. If the alpha male is challenged and slain in combat, the other Worgen in the pack will follow the victor. Packs can be anywhere from half a dozen and several dozen cubs to about a hundred and several hundred cubs.

Challenge Rating[edit]



Anything on those they slay as they victims are carried back to their hideout. Skillful warriors may be rewarded with treasure from their hunts, and a den can consist of mundain items with a few minor items. Coins and such mean nothing to Worgen, and can be found strewn all over their dens, or some may collect them just because they're shiny.


Any, though Worgen who've lost control will revert to CE.


By Character Class

Level Adjustment[edit]

+1, or +2 if born a Worgen.

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