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Iconic Revenant[edit]

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What happens when a hero dies before they win? They get up and try again.

An iconic revenant occurs when a creature loses it's life in service of something great. If a hero is shot down by a volley of archers in defense of his romance interest, or if a villain is struck down before he can bring his master plan to a close. Through either sheer willpower, or divine intervention, they refuse to complete the journey to the afterlife. They turn around, and walk back to their body before the week is up, and force themselves back to life.

Creating an Iconic Revenant[edit]

Iconic revenants are acquired templates, and they can be created off of any creature with an intelligence greater than two, a wisdom score, and a corporeal form.

Size and Type[edit]

Size remains the same. They are treated as undead for purposes of spell effects and turning, but they are still healed by positive energy, and harmed by negative. They can still be resurrected and retain this template. They do not gain any other traits of undead.

Hit Dice[edit]

Class HD remain the same. Creature gains two HD of undead, giving them an extra 2d12 hit points.


Speed remains unaltered

Armor Class[edit]

Revenants have 4 natural AC. This does not stack with the Base Creatures natural armor.


Revenants can attack as the base creature would.

Full Attack[edit]

Full attacks behave the same as they would for the base creature.

Special Attacks[edit]

Revenants' attacks are treated as either good or evil, depending on their alignment, for purposes of damage reduction.

Special Qualities[edit]

  • Darkvision out to 60 feet.
  • +4 will saves.
  • Immunity to nonmagical poisons and disease.
  • No single attack can drop them from positive to negative health. If a revenant has 5 hit points, and takes 10 damage, it will drop only to 0 health.
  • Frightful presence activated when the revenant withstands an incredible amount of damage, takes an action below 0 health, or survives a hit which deals more than it's HDx5 damage.


+2 constitution

+2 dexterity

+2 wisdom


+4 to intimidate -4 to diplomacy, sense motive, bluff, and disguise.


Gain diehard and endurance.


They dwell wherever they would in life.


They operate either alone, or with the allies they had in life.

Challenge Rating[edit]

Only what the LA adds.


Standard treasure.


A revenant may not retain any neutral portion of their alignment. They must be in one of the four corners of the table when they come back.


By character class.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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