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The Bonded is not a single creature, but instead a number of creatures, all bonded together by a ritual and a pact with an Overdeity. Those that are bonded together become immortal, never aging and never dying. Furthermore, the Bonded resist even the powers of death by the hands of others, the divine power flowing through them that bonds the group together continues to reincarnate those that are bonded until they are finally put to rest. Only by being killed by another pact member can an Immortally Bonded truly die. Yet, with this, further problems arise. A Pact Member grows in power by absorbing the powers of the others who took the pact, growing in power and when none remain save the strongest, he shall ascend.

Creating a Bonded[edit]

Bonded is an acquired template that can be applied to any living creatures (hereafter referred to as the Pact Members or Pact Member). The ritual to become an Immortal Bonded requires the intervention of an Overdeity. The Pact requires 5 or more participants in order to complete.

Size and Type[edit]

The base creature retains its own Type and Size.

Special Qualities[edit]

The Bonded gain the following Special Qualities in addition to their current qualities

Bonded (Ex): Each Bonded is connected to one another by a special and divine bond that cannot be suppressed by mortal means. They can sense those that they are in a pact within 1 mile, but not pinpoint their location. If concentrating for 10 minutes, they can tell the general direction of the closest pact member to them. A Bonded can detect the surface emotions of any other pact member within 30 feet of them, as the Empathy power. They can detect the hit point total of any pact member within 10 feet. They can also feel the true death of a pact member and must take a DC 15 Will save or be dazed for 1 round when it occurs.

Ageless (Ex): A Bonded creature does not take any penalty from aging and do not die of old age. This ability cannot be lost or removed by any cause.

Immortal Health (Ex): A Bonded creature is immune to all poison, disease, fatigue, exhaustion. They also no longer need to sleep, eat, drink or breath (though they can do so if they wish).

Resurrection (Ex): If a Bonded is killed by anything that is not another pact member (not including itself), then they are Resurrected in (2d6 days + 1 per previous death) in a location 2d100 miles away in a random direction (Note: this cannot result in the bonded arriving in the air, or underground, unless a suitable cavern is available in the case of the latter. Ending up in the middle of the ocean, however, is still possible.) and must save (Number of previous deaths + hit points below -10 + 11) or take 2d6 points of wis damage. The dead body then dissipates. This ability cannot be voluntarily deactivated.

True Death (Ex): A Bonded can only achieve a true death by being killed by another pact member, meaning that they cannot commit suicide without their Resurrection ability being activated. When they are killed by another Pact Member, their soul is absorbed into their killer. As there is no soul, an Bonded cannot be resurrected nor do they have an afterlife to look forward to.

Slow Ascension (Ex): A Bonded can achieve an ascension to godhood by absorbing the divine power within the souls of each of the fellow Pact Members. Every time an Bonded kills a pact member, they gain a +1 Pact bonus to Attack, Damage, Initiative, AC, Fortitude saves, Reflex saves and Will saves against the other pact members. However, with each soul that is absorbed, the Bonded gains +1 to all ability scores. If a Bonded kills another pact member that has absorbed one or more souls, then they also gain the benefits of absorbing the other souls (Example: An Bonded kills a pact member who had absorbed two souls. The Bonded gains a +3 Pact bonus and they gain +3 to all ability scores). But, ultimately, if the Bonded is the final pact member left, they finally ascend after absorbing all the souls of the pact, become a deity. They immediately gain a divine rank equal to the number of pact members there originally was. Every time a bonded kills and absorbs the soul of another pact member, s/he must make a will save (Killed pact members lvl + non class based HD + CHA modifier + 11 + 1 per previously killed pact member), for the pact member and any souls the pact member has absorbed, or enter a catatonic state for (1d4 + CHA modifier of absorbed pact member) days.


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