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Humanoid Monster[edit]

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Humanoids are Creatures with a Monster for one parent, and a humanoid for another. The other parent is usually dependant on the monsterous one. They usually tend to be drawn toward whatever alignment their monsterous parent has.

Creating a Humanoide Monster[edit]

Humanoid Monster is an inherited template that can be applied to any corporeal, non-humanoid, non-undead, non-construct, creature (hereafter referred to as the base creature). Please note; this template is intended for use of turning monsters (Griffons, Balors, etc.) Into playable PC Races (I.E. In the scores and skills section it describes bonuses to things, these are considered the creature's racial ability bounses and skill bonuses), though they could be just as easily made into NPCs or a new breed of monstrosity for your campaign/adventure

Size and Type[edit]

Increase the base creature's size category by one (to a maximum of Medium, or the base creature's size, whichever is larger). Change the base creature's creature type to "Monstrous Humanoid" (Do not recalculate BAB, Saves, or Skill points). The base creature still retains any and all subtypes it had as a monster

Hit Dice[edit]

Change the base creature's HD to d8. Racial Hit Dice is equal to half the base creature's, rounded down. (I.E. if Base Creature had 9 HD, a Creature with this template has only 4.)


Increase the base creature's speed by 10 in all modes of movement. If the creature is Medium size or smaller, it loses any non-magical forms of flight.

Armor Class[edit]

If the base creature has any form of natural armor, half it (rounded down)


Same as base creature, and also gains the ability to use manufactured weapons.

Full Attack[edit]

Same as base creature

Special Attacks[edit]

A Humanoid Monster retains the strongest special attack that the base creature has, but loses any others.

Special Qualities[edit]

Same as base creature


A Humanoid Monster gains a +2 to the scores that are the base creature's 2 highest scores (I.E. A humanoid griffon gains +2 Str and +2 Con), and a -2 to the scores that are the base creature's lowest score (I.E. A Humanoid Griffon gains -2 Cha). In the event of a tie, choose one. This cannot be changed after the creature's creation.


A Humanoid Monster gains a +2 Racial Bonus to the 2 skills considered the base creature's highest (I.E. a Humanoid Kraken gains a +2 to Concentration and Intimidate)


A Humanoid Monster gains one feat that the base creature has, chosen upon creation of the creature.


Same as Humanoid Parent


Same as Humanoid Parent

Challenge Rating[edit]

Same as base creature +3


Same as base creature


Usually same as base creature


Same as base creature or by class level

Level Adjustment[edit]

Same as base creature but with the following additions:

Diminutive, Tiny, Small, Medium: +3

Large: +4

Huge: +5

Gargantuan: +6

Colossal: +7

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