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Elemental Pact[edit]

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[[3e Summary::your ancestor made a pact with an elemental for immortality and all its power, in return the elemental got eternal protection, a descendant of that elemental has found you and invoked the pact there is an elemental gem, made from the raw power of a living elemental imbedded in your hand. That gem is still alive.

Creating a Elemental-pact[edit]

any creature with an intel. score of 7 or higher may have this inherited template

Size and Type[edit]

size does not change, type changes to elemental

Hit Dice[edit]

HD does not change


base speed does not change

Armor Class[edit]

+3 natural armor, this can be temporarily dispelled by a anti-magic spell

Attack, special qualities, abilities, feats, and skills[edit]

your character gains all skills, feats, and special qualities as the elemental, of the chosen basic elemental(i.e. fire, water, earth, or air), however the character cannot control any of their action when they would be sleeping, meaning that when the character sleep WHILE the sun is down, the elemental takes control; this is avoidable if the character makes a reasonable deal with the elemental.

physical changes[edit]

the base-creature's head changes to the head of the elemental, retaining shape, in the case of fire or water, have element surround a visible, seeming floating an inch above the body, skull, the character may cancel this effect as an at-will power. when the character speaks, the voice of the base-creature and the elemental are heard


as base creature

Challenge Rating[edit]

no changes


standard, with addition of a strange crystal


as base-creature

Level Adjustment[edit]

base-creature +2

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