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Born to serve Malebolgia, Hellspawn are the foot soldiers of Hell's army.


"A Hellspawn"

Hellspawn are Humanoids that have been promised their heart's desire if they but swear allegiance to the Lord Malebolgia. And serve in his army during Armageddon. Such a creature is not always evil. But only the damned are ever present in Hell, and so there exists no Good Hellspawn. A Hellspawn is often selected from among Humans, Elves or Orcs. Never from anything smaller than a Dwarf, and rarely from any creature much larger than a troll.

Creating a Hellspawn[edit]

This is an acquired template, and is only applied to Humanoids.

Size and Type[edit]

A Hellspawn's size remains that of the base creature, however, whenever it would be advantageous, a Hellspawn in considered one size category larger.

Hit Dice[edit]

Changes to a d12


Base Creature +10

Armor Class[edit]

+2 Natural Armour


As Base Creature

Full Attack[edit]

As Base Creature

Special Attacks[edit]

Special Qualities[edit]




Usually any deep, dark corner that is quiet, and will allow the Hellspawn to wallow in its own anguish.


Individual. While in its time on the Material Plane. A Hellspawn often secludes itself from the rest of normal society. Forming relations only with those who take pity on it, and refuse to let it be.

Challenge Rating[edit]



As Base Creature


Any Non-Good


By Character Class

Level Adjustment[edit]


Playing a Hellspawn[edit]

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