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Timelost are beings that have experienced events that place them outside of the normal effects of time.

Timelost creatures are extremely rare beings. They have few advantages over normal beings, except for the unusual situation of being outside of the normal effects of time. While they still experience the passing of time, they themselves cannot be directly effected by anything strictly dependent upon time. These beings wander endlessly, being driven by various motives. Some seek to die and end their condition; others resolve to extract as much pleasure from their state as possible. They are immortal, and cannot die of age.

Creating a Timelost[edit]

Timelost templates are acquired, usually through unusual and traumatic circumstances. Such events include being the sole survivor of a cataclysm, enduring extreme magical changes, gaining immortality, coming in contact with a god, etc. This can be applied to any creature.

Size and Type[edit]

There is not size changes with the Timelost. They remain as they were in normal life, superficially. They do immediately gain the Aberration type if not already possessed. Additionally, they gain the Psionic subtype.

Hit Dice[edit]

Timelost, because of their unique experiences, are typically extremely hardy and tough creatures. They change all HD to d12, but gain no extra HD.


Timelost still exist under their normal exterior circumstances, and therefore have no changes in their normal speed.

Armor Class[edit]

Because of their resilience, Timelost gain a +2 Deflection bonus to AC.


Normal Attacks remain unchanged. Because they are disconnected from time's continuum, they cannot use any arcane magic, magical items, or magical effects. Divine magic is still usable by them, however, as are psionics.

Full Attack[edit]

Full Attacks are unchanged with the Timelost, as are most things. Prohibition of arcane magic still applies.

Special Attacks[edit]

Timelost automatically lose any SLAs they possessed previously.

Special Qualities[edit]

Timelost gain the following qualities:

Frozen Time (Su): Timelost gain the bonuses of existing for indeterminate periods of time, but garner no age penalties. They retain their appearance and any penalties gained before becoming Timelost, however.

Forgotten (Su): Timelost become immune to all divination and mind-reading effects. This means, however, that they also forget themselves as well, possessing no memories of their former life, and are plagued with random memory loss. They take a -3 on all Knowledge Checks.

Enduring (Su): Timelost cannot die of age, nor can they be negatively effected by time-passing or aging effects. Timelost do not need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe. They still are capable of performing these functions, however, and are therefore susceptible to sleep effects, consumed poisons, etc. They remain immune to inhaled effects, suffocation, and drowning, however.

Disconnected (Su): Timelost gain DR 3/magic and magical effects, but cannot use any arcane magic. This includes magically enhanced weaponry and gear.

Immense Mind (Ps): If a Timelost possesses psionic powers (whether from Psion, Wilder, Psionic Fist, or other psionic class), they are treated as knowing all of the powers of their list/discipline. If a Timelost is a divine spellcaster, they are treated as knowing all divine spells for their spell-list.

Ancient Wisdom (Ps): If a Timelost possess psionic powers, once per day for rounds/level they can increase their class level by 2 for the purpose of power points, maximum power level, and powers known. Any powers and power points gained during this phase are temporary -- once used the Timelost returns to possessing their normal power points and powers. Additionally, while recalling ancient wisdom the Timelost can augment powers beyond her normal manifester level.


Timelost are resilient souls that tend to be endowed with a strangely powerful persona. They gain +7 Charisma. They are altered mentally by their time, tending to retain their mental vigor but lose its keenness. They suffer -3 Wisdom and -3 Intelligence.


Timelost gain a +4 bonus on Survival skills due to their resilience. They gain the skill Speak Languages as a trained class skill, as well as Diplomacy and Gather Information.


Timelost gain no special feats.


Timelost typically exist anywhere and everywhere. Any being can become Timelost, and after becoming Timelost most beings tend to wander the planes somewhat indiscriminately, thereby making them possible to encounter anywhere. Certain Timelost become reclusive beings under the effects of mental degeneration -- these beings can be found hiding in the farthest reaches possible. Such Timelost are rare, however, since most see the only relief to their condition as social relations.


Timelost rarely form any kinds of organizations, but regularly join ones where their persistence and consistency would be valued, such as governments.

Challenge Rating[edit]

CR +0


Same as for base creature.


Same as base creature.


Same as base creature or character.

Level Adjustment[edit]

LA +0

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