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Creating a Chosen of Poseidon =[edit]

This is an Acquired Template

Size and Type[edit]

Size stays the same. Aquatic and Amphibious subtypes.

Hit Dice[edit]

HD stays the same.


They gain a swim speed equal to land speed

Armor Class[edit]

+1 natural armor. Their skin has a scaly texture.


Does not change.

Full Attack[edit]

Does not gain anything.

Special Qualities[edit]

-Amphibious: a Chosen of Poseidon, can breathe underwater indefinitely and can freely use its spells and other abilities while submerged.

-At 1 ecl, a Chosen of Poseidon gains create waterand Purify Water at will, they can also use control water at will when within 100 ft. of a body of water.-

-At 3 ecl it gains the ability to use Anarchic Storm, Axiomatic Storm, holy storm, and unholy storm 3+constitution modifier/day.-

-At 5 ecl it gains Wave BlessingAt Will the also receive a +4 insight bonus on saving throws and to AC against spells and effects with the water descriptor.-

-At 9 ecl it gains a 25% chance to deflect incoming attacks while submerged in water, In addition, it gains the Storm Walk mimicking that of the stormlord class feature

-At 11 ecl it can use Raise From the Deep 2/day, as well as becoming immune to damage and detrimental effects wind and waves.-

-At 13 ecl it gains the ability to use Raise From the Deep 3/day and can share his Stormwalk ability with allies within 30 ft of him

-At 15 ecl It gains Anarchic Storm, Axiomatic Storm, holy storm, and unholy storm at will.-

-At 17 ecl it gainsExtract Water Elemental 1/day.-

-At 19 ecl it gains Extract Water Elemental 2/day and Tsunami 1/day.-

Caster level is equal the Character Level, saves are wisdom based


+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom


Rapid Swimming as a Bonus Feat


Near large bodies of water.


Same as base creature.

Challenge Rating[edit]



Same as base creature.


Usually Chaotic Neutral.


Chracter classes or HD

Level Adjustment[edit]

LA +2

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