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A Proto-Drake is a primal dragon, who has either failed to evolve to its older form or devolved through magical means. They are more physically fit than a normal dragon in most senses, but are not as smart or wise.

A Proto-Drake is a Primal Dragon. They are a more brutish appearance and can range from morphing into a creature without forelegs. They tend to be larger than their counter parts and often rely on basic instinct. They are truly fearsome monsters to face.

Creating a Proto-Drake[edit]

A Proto-Drake can be either aquired through magical means or inherited through birth. And are refered to as such. It is uncertain if Half-dragons can be affected by this state. This can only be applied to dragons and are referred to from then on. When creating a Proto-Drake, their Ability Scores, AC, Damage and special qualities are similar to older or younger Dragons of the same color.

Size and Type[edit]

When looking at the age group of a Proto-Drake its size is treated as one age group higher than their counter part of the same color.

Hit Dice[edit]

Proto-Drakes keep the same Hit Dice as their counter part, but do not use the same CON modifier(See Abilities)


A Proto-Drake is always considered to half Average maneuverability. Also when determining flying speed, Proto-Drakes are one age group faster than their counter part of the same color.

Armor Class[edit]

When determining a Proto-Drakes Armor Class, they are treated as one age group higher than their counter-part.


Proto-Drakes gain no extra attacks or natural weapons.

Full Attack[edit]

A Proto-Drake have the ability to full-attack one every other round, even if it has made a standard action. If a Proto-Drake made a full-attack last round, they cannot do this round regardless of their position.

Special Attacks[edit]

A Proto-Drake loses all Spell-Like and Spells that they would normally gain as a normal Dragon.

Special Qualities[edit]

A Proto-Drake gains Damage Reduction and Spell Resistance one Age group earlier than their dragon counter part.


A Proto-Drake's Strength and Constitution are one age group higher than their Dragon Counter-part. Their Dexterity is increased by 1 Young and increases by 1 when it reaches a higher age group. Unfortunately, a Proto-Drakes Intelligence and Wisdom are treated as two age groups lower are the take a -1 and -2 to the respective score.


Any INT or WIS skill that a Proto-Drake would gain or have as a class skill is lost and maybe replaced by a skill that does not use that ability score.


A Proto-Drake does not gain any feats.


Same as Base Creature


Random or Solitary.

Challenge Rating[edit]

A Proto-Drake gains a +3 to CR if it is size Huge or a +4 if it is Gigantic


A Proto-Drake drops less magical items, but more gold.


Usually same as Base Creature or Chaotic Neutral.


Same as Base Creature

Level Adjustment[edit]

Level Adjustment: +2

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