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Coming from the places where the magic flow in it’s raw form or born in the propitious moments during days or nights where the mystic energies are running free in the world or during magic events. The magic are part of their nature. This magic open his mind and flow through his body, making him more powerful and becoming easy to learn magic, but physically more fragile than his folk.

Creating a Magic Born[edit]

“Magic Born” is an acquired template that can be added to any intelligent creature.

Size and Type[edit]

Size and type didn’t change. It uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Hit Dice[edit]

Drop all his natural hit dices by one category to a minimum of d4. He receives bonus hit points equal to his charisma modifier (after aplying the con modifier as normal).


Base speed remains the same.

Armor Class[edit]

He receives a deflection bonus equal to half his charisma modifier.


Same as base creature.

Special Attacks[edit]

A Magic Born has all the special attacks of the base creature plus:

Raw magic. He can lose any prepared spell or available slot and liberate it as a ray of pure magic. It’s a ranged touch attack that causes 1d4 of damage/level of the spell plus +1 per caster level. Range 10 feet/CL.

Special Qualities[edit]

The creature retains any extraordinary or special qualities he possesses and gains the following special qualities:

Arcane Memory. Being born with an innate connection to magic and its flow of knowledge, magic born does not need to maintain a spellbook or family in order to prepare its spells, as if he has spell mastery feat for all his spells, meaning he write all his spells in his own memory, wich also means that he doesn't need to pay to copy a spell anymore (time applies normally). In addition he begin play with double the known spells and receive double spells each level. (Count the natural number of spells per class, feats, and after that multiply by two.)

Natural Magic. By possessing an arcane capacity greater than the rest, you receive double spell slots for each level that the class can cast, as well as double the spells per day that they can use, and two additional tricks.

True magic. The Magic born can understand magic by his true nature, all his spells are cast as if his caster level were 2 level high. In addition he add his intelligence or charisma modifier (his casting ability) to overcome spell resistance and to dispel another caster spells, and the DC to dispel his spells are higher (add +1 for each 3 levels he possesses). In addition, he can ignore material components of all the spells he can cast that not exceed his caster level x 10 gold pieces. If his class prepare spells, it takes only 30 minutes to prepare all his spells.

Magic Body. He can heal himself consuming his spells, he choose to loose a prepared spell or slot, recovering hit points equal to the level of the spell plus his caster level. He also receives a RM equal to double his caster level plus his charisma modifier.

Spell-like ability. Constant. Detect Magic and read magic.

Aura of magic. He emanate magic constantly. Within 20 feet, any conjurer gain +2 in the check to overcome spell resistance. At 10th, the area becomes 40 feet, and any spell cast in this area are cast at one level higher. (This bonuses are not for the magic born, only by other casters, including enemies). He cannot supress his aura.

Familiar. The magic in his body attract for him an animal that serve him. Use the same rules for familiar, but it gains the advanced template (Pathfinder bestiary). And if he dies double the negative effects.

Magic dependency. At first, if he loses all his prepared spells or uses all his spontaneous slots he suffers -5 penalties in all his rolls (tricks doens't count to sustain his dependency). Due to the need of the flow of magic in his body, any spell failure for equipment worn is tripled. And if he enter a plane or local that negates magic (antimagic field), in addition of the normal casting limitation he begins to lose 1d4 hit points per minute. If he get 0 hit points, he begin to suffer 1d2 constitution damage per hour. If he get to 0 constitution he seizes to exist and only a wish can bring him back to life. At 20th he become the origin of his own magic, and he did not suffer this damage anymore, and can cast spells even in places where magic normally didn’t work, but his caster level is halved.


Int+2, Wis+2, Cha+2

Feats and Skills[edit]

Knowledge (Arcane) and spellcraft are always class skill.

At the first level, the Magic Born receives a Bonus Metamagic Feat. In addition to this, every three levels it receives a Bonus Metamagic Feat additional to the Feat that is obtained regularly.


Same as base creature.


Same as base creature.

Challenge Rating[edit]

+2 (+4 if level 15th or more).


Same as base creature.




Same as base creature.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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