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This creature template is intended to be used as part of the Fortress Celestia campaign setting as a form of the aiar creature subtype.

Creating a Megam[edit]

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When an anik reaches old age after a successful career, it can become a megam. The anik can choose to be reborn into any form that suits its personality and meets one of the following sets of requirements:

  • humanoid or giant type, challenge rating not more than 2, size: small or medium.

The 'megam' template can be applied to any humanoid or giant that meets the following requirements: challenge rating not more than 2; size: small or medium.

In game terms, megam are identical to the base creature in every way, including any special qualities and abilities, except as listed below. If the changes listed below conflict with something on the base creature's listings, the base creature characteristic is lost. To ensure the conversion is done correctly, make changes in the order listed.

Type, traits, abilities, etc.[edit]


Type is changed to outsider. The "celestial", "aiar", "lesser aiar", and "celestial humanoid" subtypes are added.

Outsider traits[edit]

Megam have all the features and traits listed on the 'SRD:Outsider Type' and 'SRD:Celestial Creature' pages except for the following: Hit points, hit dice, skills, fortitude, reflex, and will saves are unchanged from the base creature, except as per changes to ability scores above. Megam can use all weapons, armor, and equipment their base creatures can, and can smite evil, but are born with no proficiencies. Megam breathe, eat, and sleep, but can survive about ten times as long as their base creature would without air, water, food, or sleep. While they can reproduce the same way as their base creature, they are less fertile, and the gestation period is twice as long.

When slain, the bodies of megam degrade much more rapidly than normal humanoids, releasing the soul onto whatever plane, world, etc. it happens to be on. Its soul suffers the same fate as a mortal's would, but there is no body left for resurrection. A new body must be provided for the soul to be returned to life. If there are skyfish nearby, it is virtually certain that one will notice the death, convert the soul into a glow, and attempt to return it to the Isles of the Dead.

Special Qualities[edit]

In addition, all megam gain the following:

Aiar Alignment Sense (Su)[edit]

Megam can sense good, evil, and base emotions including aggression up to 300 feet away; strongly good or strongly evil beings and effects such as pit fiends or a holy place, can be detected up to five miles away; they do not sense specific objects or creatures, only a sense of direction and distance. From 30 feet away, they can sense the conflict in a creature due to both good and bad past deeds. It can be done as a free action with a DC 10 will check.

Change Shape (Sp)[edit]

A megam can assume the form of any small or medium humanoid. It takes one round to make the change.

Supernatural willpower (Ex)[edit]

Megam have a supernatural will to live. If reduced to between 0 and -30hp, and the body is not hopelessly damaged or in an unsurvivable condition (i.e., it doesn't work on creatures swallowed by a shark, below -30hp, beheaded, etc.), it can give up a point of Constitution to remain alive and conscious, and will return to +1hp within 24 hours. During this time, it is fatigued, and if its hit points fall to below -30 before it can recover it will instantly collapse and begin to dissolve into the plane. After doing this, the megam will be exhausted for 4-24 hours. The megam must make a DC 10 will check to do this.

Summon Aiar (Sp)[edit]

An megam can cast 'summon aiar' once an hour with an 80% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: 1d3 megams; 3-4: a pack of aniks; 5: 1d4 squads of densets; 6: a band of fey'iar and a swarm of whisps A party of megams casting 'summon aiar' simultaneously has a 95% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: a party of megams; 3-4: a pack of aniks; 5: a band of densets; 6: a band of sukebs

Megam learning abilities (Ex)[edit]

Megams can gain character classes as easily as a human would. They can also learn a new language after just 1d10+2 weeks of constant exposure.

Other Traits[edit]


+4 Strength, +4 Dexterity, +8 Constitution, +6 Intelligence, +6 Wisdom, +8 Charisma.


add 2d12 inches to height.

Hit Dice and Hit Points[edit]

change all hit dice to d8.


All megam have a neutral good innate alignment. A megam can choose any good alignment initially, and changes alignment as an archon would.


Megam are typically physically capable of mating with any creature their base creature could. Gestation and birth take place as per the base creature; the offspring will nominally be a native celestial humanoid (NOT an aiar) unless both parents are megam. However, megam are not very fertile and tend to be reserved in sexual matters, so the birth of a megam is a fairly rare event.


Newly promoted megam start out as the minimum starting age for their base creature, or as an embro due to reproduction (see above). New megam age at 1/2 the rate of their base creature if the starting age is under 50 years old, normally otherwise. At any point between the starting age and middle age, they can choose to stop aging and remain ageless.

Challenge Rating[edit]


Level Adjustment[edit]




Aiar Megam as a Race[edit]

Personality and Combat[edit]

Megams tend to be wise, tough yet kindly leaders [Officer and a gentleman], but somewhat aloof. Their minds are turned to longer term goals than the day - to - day concerns of most. Megams long memories stretching over many lifetimes give them a powerful sense of what they consider important and what they don't. Megams are formidable opponents, many capable of providing a challenge to even a pit fiend. While their spell - like abilities typically serve as their first and main lines of defense, they also use weapons, and some have character classes. Megams tend to prefer a mobile technique in combat; when more than one are fighting together, they usually seek to split up and try to break apart the opposing force or lead them away from their goal.

Society and Religion[edit]

Megam society is family and responsibility oriented, and more concerned with the well - being of the multiverse than individual than religious ceremony. They live in small groups with a staff of lesser celestials. Away from their homes, megams are usually found either alone, or in parties of 2-5 with 2-8 servants per megam (usually sukebs). They are a very a spiritual people, having a deep reverence for beings of great good, life, the continuity of souls, and the aiar way of life. It is megams who negotiate with deities to ensure the continued survival of the Isles of the Dead as a franchise of the Courts of the Dead. Megam rarely dwell on anything unless it is likely to be of in use in achieving a goal, but their commitment and patriotism could be considered a religion, as could their respect for those epic and divine - level beings who champion good though leading by example. Some megam have chosen to serve in the religious orders of those strongly good - aligned deities who are not picky about species.

Language and Names[edit]

All megams can understand and speak celestial, infernal, abyssal, and common as well as any language the base creature understands, and many speak additional languages. Megams have truenames, and name their children in a language of their choice.


Megams can be found on any of the planes though they are extremely rare except in areas occupied by celestial armies and on the lowest five layers of Fortress Celestia. They prefer to live apart from other celestials.


Megams are at the bottom of the celestial high command, taking orders directly from Solars and other senior celestial commanders. Usually these relationships are very cordial, but there is tension as many of the other celestials want to "phase out" the aiar. However, both sides know they need each other for the foreseeable future. Megams tend to be quick to eliminate those they consider to be enemies of the state, but can be shockingly friendly toward those enemies who respect the megams' rules of diplomacy.


Megams rarely jon adventuring parties, except when the party is working for the aiar. They can also be found in celestial armies, usually as field officers directing troop redeployment. They will also serve as shock troops and healers when needed.


As per the base creature, plus they can gain character classes per the learning abilities above.

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