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Siren Template[edit]

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Siren are amphibious creatures that are both quick, and charming.

“Siren” is an inherited template that can be added to any corporal fey, giant, humanoid, monstrous humanoid, outsider, or “Humanoid aberration,” hereafter referred to as the Base Creature.

A Siren creature uses all the base creature’s stats except as noted here. Do not recalculate the creature’s Hit Dice, BaB, saves, or skill points of its type changes.

Size and type:[edit]

The base creature’s type does not change unless it is lower on the pyramid (see page 142 of the Savage Species handbook) than the fey type, in which case it does. (Note: the SS Pyramid might be later placed on here for easier access)

The base creature always gains the aquatic subtype, unless it already has it.

The creature’s size is unchanged.


A Siren creature gains a 60 ft swim speed

Armor Class:[edit]

The base creature gains a deflection bonus from it’s deflection Aura (Su) equal to its Charisma mod.

Special Attacks:[edit]

A Siren Creature retains all of its special attacks for the base creature, and also gains the following special Attacks:

Charming Song (Sp)
At will, a Siren can sing a song that functions as a Charm Person spell (Caster Level = ½ HD) Based on Charisma. However, the time that the charm person spell works for is increased by 1, thus doubling the amount of time the spell lasts for (a Sirine with 1 HD has the effects on other people for 2 hours , a 2HD Sirine has it for 4, and so on.). If a person has succeeded in resisting any Sirine's song, he is immune to it for 24 hours. The Sirine has to make a Perform (Singing) Check against the targets' opposed will save to succeed.

Intelligence Damage (Su):
Any creature hit by a Siren's touch attack must make a fortitude save (10 + ½ HD + Cha mod); if they fail this, they take 1d4 intelligence damage (or 2d4 on a critical).

Soothing Touch (Su):
A Siren, if it desires, can use its touch to restore 1d6 points of intelligence damage caused by any Fey or Sirine.

Special Qualities:[edit]

A Siren retains all of the base creatures special Qualities, and gains the abilities described below.

Aquatic Subtype:
A Siren is considered an aquatic creature, but can breathe air as well as she can with oxygen, as the Amphibious ability. Sirines do not have to make swim checks to move in water because of their swim speeds.

Amphibious (Ex):
Although Siren are aquatic, they can survive indefinitely on land.

Deflection (Su):
A Siren is surrounded by an aura that grants it a deflection bonus to AC equal to its Charisma bonus.


Increase from the base creature as follows; Dex + 2, Int. +1, Wis +1, and Cha +2.


Sirines receive a +2 Racial bonus to all perform
(and sexual Prowress)
checks. The racial bonus does not count as skill ranks for the purposes of gaining feats, but does count for the purposes of attaining class abilities.

Challenge Rating:[edit]

Same as the base creature +1

Level Adjustment:[edit]

Same as the base creature +1


Usually Chaotic (except evil).

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