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Half-Triclopes are physically identical to normal members of their base race, except for the third eye (which is frequently covered by a headband or similar disguise).

Creating a Half-Triclops[edit]

This is an inherited template which can be added to any Humanoid, Monstrous Humanoid or Giant. Creature type is unchanged.

Size and Type[edit]

Hit Dice[edit]


Armor Class[edit]


Full Attack[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Special Qualities[edit]

  • Reduced Mental Penalties: Any racial penalties on Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma are reduced by 2.
  • Naturally Psychic/Psionic: Either The Gift and Clarity of Vision as bonus feats, or See Invisibility as a bonus 1st level power plus 1 bonus power point per hit die (racial or class).
  • +2 on Search and Spot checks (from the third eye).
  • Lesser Confusion gaze weapon: (30 ft range, 1/day for 10 rounds, upgradable).






Challenge Rating[edit]



They can be of any alignment, and if the base creature is naturally of Chaotic alignment, Half-Triclopes can be violently insane (there are tales of "three-eyed demons" among the Giantish races).


Level Adjustment[edit]


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