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The Gift [Psychic]

Benefit: Ability to develop psychic powers. Any character with The Gift will always have Concentration as a class skill, even when gaining levels in a class whose skill list doesn't include it. If the character's Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma is 13 or better, but the appropriate controlling Feats have not yet been taken (see below), the character is liable to manifest psychic powers in an uncontrolled manner while asleep and dreaming (creatures who do not sleep, such as elves, don't have this problem). The character can avoid manifesting each uncontrolled power by making a Concentration check with a DC of 15. One check is needed per rest period for each uncontrolled power. The consequences of failure are described below:
Special: This Feat must be selected during initial character creation, as those not born with the Gift can never gain it later. Furthermore, those who select it must deduct 2 points of Constitution. (A wish can be used to gain this feat, but it has an massive list of skill prerequisites)
Uncontrolled Clairvoyance (Wis 13)

Deja-Vu. The character gains a totally useless prophecy of a moment in the following day, which appears to be part of a normal dream and is unrecognizable as a prophecy until the moment arrives. The DM will keep this result secret, and then suddenly announce to the player "You have seen this before" at some point during the day.

Uncontrolled Psychic Healing (Wis 13)

A randomly-selected individual within 60 feet will gain or lose 1-4 hit points. Healing beyond normal maximum hit points has no beneficial effect, whereas damage taking a badly-wounded creature to -10 hit points will cause death. Either counts as a use of the Cure/Inflict Wounds power (see the Cure/Inflict Wounds feat description), making subsequent use of this power more difficult. Roll a d6 and refer to the psychic's alignment to determine if healing or damage is the result: Good psychics heal on a 1-4 and damage on a 5-6, Evil psychics heal on a 1-2 and damage on a 3-6, and those neither good nor evil heal on a 1-3 and damage on a 4-6.

Uncontrolled Psychokinesis (Int 13)

Roll a d6. On a result of 1-4, a random light object within 60 feet (no more than five pounds in weight) will fly through the air at high speed in a random direction. On a result of 5-6, a random inflammable object within 60 feet will catch fire.

Uncontrolled Psychomagic (Int 13)

This is dangerous only if the psychic is a spellcaster, and still has unused spells left when he/she falls asleep. A randomly-selected unused spell will be discharged, affecting a suitable target within spell range. This can be avoided by deliberately discharging all spells before sleeping (equivalent to deliberately failing a Concentration check when casting), but this will obviously leave the psychic with no spells left to cope with nocturnal emergencies.

Uncontrolled Telepathy (Cha 13)

Another randomly-selected person sleeping within 60 feet of the psychic will have nightmares, negating all benefits of the rest period (no hit points regained, unable to regain spells). Creatures which do not sleep (e.g. elves) will not be selected.

The raw potential of the Gift must be trained by taking at least one of the following Feats to make it usable: Clairvoyance (requires Wisdom 13), Psychic Healing (requires Wisdom 13), Psychokinesis (requires 13 Intelligence), Psychomagic (requires Intelligence 13), or Telepathy (requires Charisma 13).


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