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Psychokinesis [Psychic]

Prerequisite: The Gift, Intelligence 13
Benefit: Ability to develop psychic powers based on the manipulation of matter and energy. Psychokinetics are also naturally good at manipulating inanimate objects by mundane means: you will always have Craft (any), Disable Device, Open Lock and Sleight of Hand as class skills, even when gaining levels in a class whose skill list doesn't include them, and with a +1 bonus on these skills. You can duplicate the effect of a mage hand spell at will on a successful Sleight of Hand check (DC 10). Your level of control is equivalent to the Arcane Trickster's Ranged Legerdemain ability: you may use the skills Disable Device, Open Lock or Sleight of Hand at a range of up to 30 feet, with a skill check DC 5 higher than normal. Against magical protections, this power is considered equivalent to a 1st level spell with a caster level equal to the psychic's overall character level. Using this power is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. This Feat also suppresses the effects of uncontrolled psychokinesis (see the Feat description for "The Gift").

Related to The Gift: an Alternative to "Psionics" (3.5e Variant Rule).

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