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Psychokinesis [Psychic]

Prerequisite: The Gift, Intelligence 13
Benefit: Ability to develop psychic powers based on the manipulation of matter and energy. Psychokinetics are also naturally good at manipulating inanimate objects by mundane means: you will always have Craft (any), Disable Device, Open Lock and Sleight of Hand as class skills, even when gaining levels in a class whose skill list doesn't include them, and with a +1 bonus on these skills. You can duplicate the effect of a mage hand spell at will on a successful Sleight of Hand check (DC 10). Your level of control is equivalent to the Arcane Trickster's Ranged Legerdemain ability: you may use the skills Disable Device, Open Lock or Sleight of Hand at a range of up to 30 feet, with a skill check DC 5 higher than normal. Against magical protections, this power is considered equivalent to a 1st level spell with a caster level equal to the psychic's overall character level. Using this power is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. This Feat also suppresses the effects of uncontrolled psychokinesis (see the Feat description for "The Gift").

Related to Psionic Gifts (3.5e Variant Rule).

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