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All these feats are related to Psionic Gifts, and they only work in context to this variant rule.

Table: 'The Gift' Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
General 'The Gift' Feats
The Gift 1st level character -2 Constitution, character has psychic potential
Clairvoyant 'The Gift' Feats
Clairvoyance The Gift, 13 Wisdom +1 Reflex, Listen / Search / Spot skills, clairvoyant potential
Boosted Reflexes Clairvoyance, Lightning Reflexes Reflex save equal to 1/2 level (or +1)
Clarity of Vision Clairvoyance Good chance of seeing through illusions
Combat Sense Clairvoyance, Combat Reflexes +2 Insight bonus on initiative and AC: can't be surprised / flanked
Killer Instinct Combat Sense BAB equal to 3/4 level (or +1)
Contact Other Plane Clairvoyance, Telepathy As the spell
Darkvision Clairvoyance Can see without light
Deepvision Clairvoyance, Darkvision Can see into solid objects
Precognition Clairvoyance Limited predictive ability
Prophecy Precognition Major predictive ability
Remote Sensing Clairvoyance As Clairvoyance/Clairaudience spell
Scrying Clairvoyance As Scrying spell
Seekersense Clairvoyance Locates objects, creatures, and places.
Uncanny Knowledge Clairvoyance You know things you shouldn't
Psychic Healing 'The Gift' Feats
Psychic Healing The Gift, 13 Wisdom +1 Fortitude, Heal skill, health sense, Psychic Healing potential
Boost Metabolism Psychic Healing Temporary Strength / Dexterity / Constitution boost
Boosted Fortitude Great Fortitude, Psychic Healing Fortitude save equal to 1/2 level (or +1)
Cure/Inflict Wounds Psychic Healing Cure wounds, inflict damage, cure ability damage
Damage Reduction Psychic Healing Damage Reduction 2/-
Gift of Life Cure/Inflict Wounds, Damage Reduction Fast Healing 1
Purge Metabolism Psychic Healing Cure poisoning & disease
Immortality Purge Metabolism, Vitality Immune to poison, disease and age
Vitality Psychic Healing +2 Constitution
Immortality Purge Metabolism, Vitality Immune to poison, disease and age
Psychokinetic 'The Gift' Feats
Psychokinesis The Gift, 13 Intelligence "Mage Hand", Disable Device / Open Locks / Sleight of Hand skills, Psychokinetic potential
Improved Psychokinesis Psychokinesis, 16 Charisma More force behind psychokinesis, wider variety of uses.
Controlled Fall Psychokinesis Feather Fall effect
Levitation Controlled Fall Ascend vertically
Energy Barrier Psychokinesis Resist energy damage
Kinetic Shield Psychokinesis +2 Shield bonus
Pyrokinesis Psychokinesis Produce / hurl flames
Self-Propulsion Psychokinesis True flight when levitating, +10 on movement and various skills
Shatter Psychokinesis As the spell
Psychomagic 'The Gift' Feats
Psychomagic The Gift, 13 Intelligence, 2nd level spell capability Detect Magic, Knowledge(arcane) / Spellcraft / Use Magic Device skills, Psychomagic potential
Familiar Bond Psychomagic, Telepathy Gain familiar, all class levels count for familiar advancement
Impromptu Dispelling Psychomagic Spend 3 spell levels for Dispel Magic
Spell Resistance Impromptu Dispelling Spell Resistance 10+level
Impromptu Metamagic Psychomagic, any metamagic Feat Apply metamagic without preparation
Magical Strike Psychomagic Treat weapon or unarmed strike as magical (or aligned)
Powercast Psychomagic Boosts caster level by 2 or more
Powerturn Psychomagic Boosts turning ability by 2 or more
Spell Recovery Psychomagic Chance of recovering miscast spell
Preserve Scroll Scribe Scroll, Spell Recovery Chance of powering scroll with your own magic
Telepathic 'The Gift' Feats
Telepathy The Gift, 13 Charisma +1 Will, social skills, telepathic potential
Assess The Foe Telepathy Identify creature type / class, Favored Enemy bonus
Boosted Will Iron Will, Telepathy Will save equal to 1/2 level (or +1)
Contact Other Plane Clairvoyance, Telepathy As the spell
Familiar Bond Psychomagic, Telepathy Gain familiar, all class levels count for familiar advancement
Induce Fear Telepathy Similar to Fear spell
Mind of Power Telepathy +1 Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma: -1 Constitution
Inward Focus Mind Of Power Bonus psychic feats on subsequent levels
Power of Command Leadership, Telepathy +3 on Leadership and related abilities
Read Minds Telepathy Read surface thoughts and deep memories
Telepathic Communication Read Minds Mind-to-mind communication
Insinuation Telepathic Communication Telepathic suggestion
Resilient Mind Telepathy Resistance to enchantment effects
Cloak the Mind Resilient Mind Unreadable mind, false alignment / thoughts
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