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Deepvision [Psychic]

Prerequisite: , Clairvoyance, Darkvision
Benefit: After one round of concentration, you can attune your vision to see up to one foot beneath the surface of opaque objects within 10 feet, for as long as you maintain concentration. Search checks to find secret doors and covered pits within that range will automatically succeed. Search checks for other forms of mechanical trap get a +10 bonus (if the mechanism is normally obscured by something: there is no bonus for spotting a tripwire). You cannot see more than one foot beyond the surface, even if no other obstacles are present: thus, you can see through to the far side of a closed door or thin wall, but not more than a few inches into the room beyond. If you also have the Psychokinesis ability, you can see and manipulate the tumblers of a lock or the mechanism of a trap without tools, and without the usual +5 to the DC for using this power: instead, you get a -5 DC reduction. In addition to Clairvoyance as a prerequisite, you also require permanent Darkvision as an innate ability (not from a spell or magic item): the Darkvision psychic power qualifies, and so does the racial ability, or the class ability of classes such as Shadowdancer.

Note: Related to The Gift: an Alternative to "Psionics" (3.5e Variant Rule)

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