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Improved Psychokinesis [Psychic]

You have an increased familiarity with the physical power of your mind, allowing you to use it more effectively, and in a variety of new ways.
Prerequisite: Psychokinesis, Charisma 15
Benefit: When you beat the Sleight of Hand DC to emulate Mage Hand with Psychokinesis by 5 or more, you may use an improved version. It is based on Telekinetic Maneuver, Telekinetic Thrust, and Telekinetic Force, but uses Charisma in place of Strength or Dexterity. When it is carrying something (either a creature in a grapple or an object via the sustained force option), you may, as a move action, move it up to twice your move speed. Against magical protections, this is considered a fifth level power with a manifester level equal to your overall character level.

Note: Use your Charisma to determine the carrying capacity of your telekinesis.

This lasts with concentration, no more than one round per level. You may alternate between targets, as well as which version you are using, as part of your concentration to maintain this. If the duration ends while you were engaging in a continuous activity (carrying something, maintaining a grapple, etc.) with your telekinesis, you may attempt a DC 15 Sleight of Hand check as a free action to reestablish your hold. If you succeed, the hold does not falter (grappled opponents are not released, carried objects do not fall, etc.). Regardless of the success of your check, on your next initiative, you must use your standard action to concentrate on Psychokinesis. This means that you must use one of the options available through Improved Psychokinesis or forgo your standard action (if you fail to reestablish the hold, you lose your standard action).

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